Members save more than $36,000 with HomeAdvantage Program through Affinity Plus

Since the beginning of 2015, members have used program to buy or sell homes.

ST. PAUL, MN. (May 14, 2015) — Maybe it’s a sign that the housing market in Minnesota is turning around, or maybe it’s a sign that members want more of their financials managed with their credit union – most likely, it’s both.

In the first four months of 2015, Affinity Plus shared information through various channels with its members about its HomeAdvantage Program. Made possible through its partnership with CU Realty Services Inc., HomeAdvantage connects members with trusted Real Estate Agents, many of whom have been referred by credit union employees and members. So what’s the advantage? Members save money through this program whether they’re buying or selling – and members of Affinity Plus have definitely realized savings.

More than $36,000 has been saved by members who have closed 32 homes this year, which is more than a $17,000 increase from the numbers reported by the credit union last year.

“It’s important to share this information to demonstrate the variety of ways credit unions provide value to their membership,” shares director of real estate, John Simonsen. “Many people still aren’t familiar with credit unions because the superior experience and the way our members feel can’t be measured in the amount saved or earned.”

“We put them first, and this number is an indicator of our commitment to partnering with our members from the moment they begin looking for a home to closing on it.”

Part of the increased use of the HomeAdvantage Program could also be attributed to the reborn housing market in the metro area. The Star Tribune reported in March of this year that home “sales in February rose 1.3 percent, their biggest gain since October 2013, and a sign of optimism for the months ahead,” in its article, “Twin Cities housing market shakes off the 2014 slump.”

“We’re excited for what this means for our members,” says Simonsen. “And, we look forward to partnering with them during this time in which homebuyers are confident in the recovery of our housing market, which is leading the charge in members using a service to help them look for new homes.”

Affinity Plus offers conventional home mortgage loans, adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs), and a mortgage loan option for first time homebuyers. More information can be found at

Photo: Affinity Plus members performing yard work outside their home.

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Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit cooperative that puts people first above profits. We are committed to empowering consumers – for knowledge, for understanding and to know there are alternatives that focus on the success of people, not the bottom line. Members of Affinity Plus receive maximum value through competitive rates, minimal fees, and unique, member –centric products and programs. Affinity Plus is the largest credit union in Minnesota with state-based assets and has 27 branches located throughout the state. With more than $1.7 billion in assets, Affinity Plus is based in St. Paul and is owned by more than 180,000 members. Through a broad range of eligibility criteria, almost anyone can become a member of Affinity Plus. Additional information is available at or by calling 800-322-7228.

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