MemberTree Consultancy and Code Green team to provide integrated services for credit unions

FARGO, ND (February 19, 2014) – MemberTree Consultancy, an H2M company, has teamed with Code Green to provide integrated loan growth services for credit unions through MemberTree’s Community Challenge program and Code Green’s Loan Saver product.

The Community Challenge program challenges a community to save a designated amount in loan interest within a certain timeframe. Community members save money when they refinance a loan with the participating credit union. After the savings goal is reached, the credit union donates a lump sum to chosen local charities.

“The mission of the Community Challenge is to help consumers plan for their financial security, and give them tools for success,” Dan Altenbernd, MemberTree COO, said. “We found a great tool to both help consumers calculate their interest savings and create leads for credit unions in Code Green’s Loan Saver application.”

Loan Saver is an online lead-generation tool that helps consumers calculate potential savings on personal loans, auto loans, home loans and more, and then connects them with the lending and sales staff at the credit union.

“We have always urged our clients to support Loan Saver with ongoing marketing support, in-branch conversations and community outreach, and MemberTree’s Community Challenge makes it easy to do just that,” Jason Green, Code Green President, said. “At the heart of the Community Challenge site, Loan Saver makes it easy for consumers to quickly evaluate their potential savings and often leads to members refinancing several loans at once.”

MemberTree and Code Green will work with participating credit unions to integrate these products into strategic marketing plans and increase loan growth.

“Together, Community Challenge and Loan Saver will deliver an excited, educated consumer as a hot lead to a participating credit union and arm the lending team with the right information at the right time,” Green added.

For more information on the Community Challenge program, please visit or call 866.551.0177. For more information on Loan Saver, please visit or call 301.652.1245.

About MemberTree Consultancy
MemberTree Consultancy is a division of the marketing agency H2M. H2M created the MemberTree division after years of working with credit unions, helping them succeed and understanding we can put our talents to great use by focusing our efforts on the betterment of credit unions across the country. For more information, visit

About Code Green
Code Green is a division of Welch ATM. We are dedicated to creating innovative marketing products, web and mobile technology services, and industry leading ATM related marketing services designed specifically for the needs of credit unions and independent banks – all at a surprisingly affordable cost.

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