MeridianLink, DigitalMailer Introduce Value-added Email, SMS and Voice Communication Solutions for Lending and Account Opening

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Costa Mesa, Calif., and Herndon, Va. (Sept. 28, 2011) – Two organizations keen on emerging technology are teaming to help financial institutions grow their loan business and strengthen customer relationships.

MeridianLink and DigitalMailer have announced an integration partnership of their online technologies to give financial institutions enhanced customer communication and survey capabilities for loan origination and online account platforms.

MeridianLink is the developer of the industry’s first multi-channel account opening and loan origination platform. Through the partnership, the company is incorporating DigitalMailer’s communication solutions into its two product lines: LoansPQ, an automated lending response system, and XpressAccounts, an automated account opening process.

“Combining the strengths of DigitalMailer and MeridianLink, we can help credit unions and banks operate more efficiently and profitably when it comes to lending,” said Ron Daly, President of DigitalMailer. “Our solution eliminates most of the manual communication steps in the borrowing process, especially when more information is needed to make a lending decision, and it lets loan officers do what they do best – close loans.”

MeridianLink works with more than 500 financial institutions, both directly and indirectly. These clients, as well as new ones, will gain access to value-added email capabilities, text and voice communication solutions provided by DigitalMailer. Available options include next-day, automated surveys that collect feedback and instantly email when low scores

are received, personalized first-payment reminders 20 days after disbursement, onboarding new customer activities, and cross-selling opportunities.

“This new partnership allows our clients to take full advantage of today’s communication capabilities – email, text, online surveys, and voice calls – throughout the lending process,” said Doug Glagola, Vice President Business Development. “These automated communications reach borrowers faster than a loan officer ever could and eliminate phone tag. The communication series for online account opening introduces the financial benefits of being a customer of the credit union or bank and grows their business through automatic new customer onboarding,”

To launch the program, the two organizations worked with Northwest Federal Credit Union in Herndon, Va., to incorporate the system into a real-time lending process. NWFCU has a long history of embracing technology to successfully enhance operations and deepen member relationships. The credit union uses the new system to create automated communications and applicant surveys during the online-lending process.

“The ‘Approved – Customer declined’ survey and email immediately reaches out to ‘the ones that got away’ to find out why our borrower turned our offer down” said Erin Krause, Vice President, Lending at Northwest FCU. “The information collected offers our lending team the opportunity to save the relationship, as well as improve our lending process.”

A new page has been created on the DigitalMailer website to provide details on the program and offer examples of marketing messages: For more information, contact DigitalMailer at (866) 994-4900 or MeridianLink at (888) 593-8970.

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