MeridianLink moves to new corporate headquarters

New Offices and Increase in Customers Signal Solid Growth for Leading Multichannel Loan Origination and Account Opening Platform

COSTA MESA, CA (September 25, 2014) — In order to stay ahead of the continued growth of its client base, MeridianLink, a leading software development company serving the financial industry, has moved into new offices. Three times larger than its previous headquarters, MeridianLink’s new building boasts an open and modern design, which accommodates its growing staff and enables increased collaboration between teams. The new building also includes a new data center and infrastructure for improved capacity, and added redundancy for more stability.

“Of course we’re pleased with such steady growth,” says Tim Nguyen, MeridianLink’s CTO, “but at the same time we are committed to growing our resources and talent right along with our clients. We want our customers to know they will continue to receive the same quality of service as always. That’s the whole point of this new building. Whether we’re talking about new clients or existing clients, we’re dedicated to delivering a premium level of service.”

MeridianLink’s move to the new headquarters was a gradual one. Construction on the new offices was completed in early 2014, and staff began to relocate one team at a time over the course of a few months. “Everyone was excited to move into the new building, and there was some good-natured joking about who would get to move over first,” says Nguyen. “However by moving in stages, we could ensure uninterrupted service and a smooth transition.”

While the size and layout of the building is an overall improvement, the location isn’t a major change. It is less than four miles from the previous headquarters and is still located in Costa Mesa, CA. “We hoped to avoid drastically changing anybody’s commute,” explains Nguyen. “We have several employees who bike to work, and we wanted them to be able to continue riding after we moved to our new offices.”

Thanks to an effective long-term growth strategy, the larger building was completed just when the tech company needed it most. The number of credit unions and banks using MeridianLink’s software has continued to increase, which prompted the company to streamline its hiring and training practices. As a result, the MeridianLink staff has grown by more than 28% since the beginning of 2013.

An important factor in the ongoing success of the MeridianLink platform are options to help credit unions expand their mobile banking channel. “We’re enthusiastic about helping our partners (financial institution clients) further explore ways to leverage the mobile marketplace, which is a natural extension of online financial services,” explains Nguyen. Although MeridianLink’s software is the most mature loan origination and new account platform available, the company has maintained its position on the cutting edge of advancement and innovation. Important MeridianLink firsts include the development of the first web-based credit reporting system and the first end-to-end, multi-channel account opening and loan origination platform.

“In addition to ongoing innovation in our software development, we have continued to upgrade MeridianLink’s back-end framework – database and operating system – to keep up with the latest technology,” adds Nguyen. “This is critical to improving everything from speed to stability to service.”

The MeridianLink platform can be integrated with most core processors and over 150 third-party applications. “This is one of the areas where we have always excelled,” says Nguyen. “MeridianLink has the development muscle and experience to successfully integrate our platform with multiple core processing and ancillary systems.”

The MeridianLink platform also gives credit unions a huge cross-sales advantage. “When someone applies for membership or opens an account, the system is set up to read and incorporate live credit data, which can be used to qualify and offer members additional financial products – all automatically,” notes Nguyen.

About MeridianLink
MeridianLink, Inc., developer of the industry’s first multi-channel account opening and loan origination platform, is a leading provider of enterprise business solutions for 20,000+ financial service organizations. The company’s passion for excellence is reflected in their web-based credit reporting, lending and new account opening/deposit technologies, which all enjoy solid reputations as being cutting edge, reliable and affordable. Based in Costa Mesa, California, MeridianLink is committed to creating smart solutions that deliver real value. For more information, visit

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