Methuen FCU chooses Sharetec’s innovative core processing solution

Sharetec System, one of the fastest growing core systems offering the technology of simplicity, announces Methuen Federal Credit Union in Methuen, Massachusetts, has chosen Sharetec as their new core operating system.

When asked about their decision to move to Sharetec, Methuen Federal Credit Union CEO, James Brouder, said, “Having realized that our current core system was lacking in many areas, the credit union decided to search for a replacement. After evaluating several options in the industry, we made the decision to go with Sharetec. We look forward to bringing our data processing systems into the 21st century. We expect that Sharetec will partner with our credit union for many years to come and provide our members with many top-notch solutions.”

Joe Reis, Regional Manager for Sharetec, added, “In addition to sharing Sharetec’s vision for the future, we were able to demonstrate to Jim and his team at Methuen that we have the answers that their members need and want today. As more members demand member facing alternatives such as integrated Mobile, Online Banking and card services within these applications, Sharetec meets those demands today, with user friendly capabilities.”

About Methuen Federal Credit Union

Established in 1956 as Methuen Municipal Employees Credit Union, they have been proudly serving Methuen Municipal employees and their families for over 60 years. In 2012 the credit union moved to its current location at 248 Broadway and changed its name to Methuen Federal Credit Union. In January of 2018 they expanded its charter and now serve all members of the community of Methuen, Massachusetts. Methuen Federal Credit Union is a member of the Credit Union Collaborative Network of the Merrimack Valley, which is a community of credit unions sharing knowledge and working together to better serve its members.

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