Meyer Forms Firm to Help Organizations Succeed

Jeff Meyer, most recently President/CEO of 3Rivers Federal Credit Union ($740M, Fort Wayne, IN) has announced the formation of CU Succeed, llc. The consulting firm is poised to assist mid-sized financial institutions in helping them clarify their strategic vision, which will allow them to maintain focus on a limited number of strategic initiatives resulting in the achievement of their desired objectives.

“Perhaps my greatest challenge as a credit union CEO was determining what strategic priorities merited the investment of our limited resources” said Meyer. “The credit unions I’m working with have fewer resources so it’s even more critical that the strategic initiatives they choose to undertake are the correct ones in alignment with their vision. Given the current regulatory and interest rate climates there is virtually no room for error, these institutions are in a precarious position. They can’t afford to stay complacent and the significance of the undertakings they do choose to enact requires them to be highly skillful in their execution. My experience in being able to quantify these decisions, understanding the pitfalls to avoid during implementation and assisting them through to successful adoption fills a real need in the industry. ”

While Meyer was at 3Rivers the credit union grew from $120 million to $740 million in assets while achieving acclaim as a leader in innovation to create memorable member experiences. As President/CEO from 2004-2012 he achieved loan, share and asset growth at a rate that was more than twice the market he operated in, a 60% increase in member relationships, and a near doubling of non-interest income – all while significantly improving member satisfaction ratings until they were among the highest in the industry.

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