Mike Kloiber joins WEOKIE Board of Directors as Ambassador Director

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (July 5, 2022) — The WEOKIE Board of Directors has appointed Mike Kloiber to be the first to serve in their newly created Ambassador Director position. This non-voting position will help advise the WEOKIE Board and provide important industry expertise, as well as provide assistance to the board and management in order to benefit the growing membership at WEOKIE.

“We are grateful to have Mike’s experience, insight, and wisdom at WEOKIE. I am very appreciative that the Board saw value in bringing Mike on WEOKIE’s Board through the creation of the Ambassador Director role,” Jeff Carpenter, President, and CEO of WEOKIE, said. “Mike has served as a mentor to me since we first met when I was at the Oklahoma League X years ago, so I appreciate the chance to work with Mike during his appointment.”

Kloiber is a native Oklahoman, born in Tulsa and a resident of Oklahoma City for over 67 years. He was employed at Tinker Federal Credit Union for 33 years, where he served as President and CEO for 25, bringing a total of over 43 years of financial industry experience. He retired in August of 2021. As President/CEO, he worked alongside the Board of Directors and Senior Management team to elevate the member experience for TFCU, helping them grow their assets from $1 billion to almost $6 billion, 12 branches to 32, 155,000 members to 440,000, and 400 employees to nearly 800.

He expressed a strong interest in remaining active among credit unions, and was impressed by WEOKIE’s vision and mission. After expressing his deep belief in the credit union philosophy and desire to stay involved post-retirement, the WEOKIE board moved forward with creating the position.

“I am very thankful to the WEOKIE Board for giving me the opportunity to continue my involvement in the credit union industry. My goal after I retired was to try to gain a volunteer position with a large and successful credit union, and I have always admired and appreciated the way WEOKIE has operated and served their membership,” Kloiber said. “My friendship with their two previous CEOs, and Board members, allowed me to understand their commitment to their members, which matches well with my love for this industry. I am also thankful for the opportunity to work with Jeff Carpenter, the current CEO, as we continue to mentor and learn from each other. I hope that I can use my years of experience in this new volunteer position and provide a meaningful role in WEOKIE’s future success.”

“Having served for many years as President/CEO to Oklahoma’s largest credit union, Mike Kloiber has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in all things related to credit union services to consumers,” Warren Pybas, WEOKIE Board Chairman, said. “In his volunteer role as “Ambassador” at WEOKIE, he will give advice and counsel to WEOKIE management and board as we seek to grow and excel in serving our members and the community. Mike has also been influential in serving the Oklahoma and Cornerstone Credit Union Leagues and all member credit unions.”

WEOKIE Federal Credit Union is thrilled to have Mike Kloiber join the other insightful members of their board, and look forward to the application of his valuable insight and experience on the future of WEOKIE.

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