Mills42 FCU continues helping kids sleep safe and sound with A Bed For Every Child

LOWELL, MASS (September 26, 2023) — On August 30th, the Mills42 team had the privilege of  dedicating their time and skills again this year to support A Bed for Every  Child, an organization dedicated to furnishing beds to underprivileged  children. This organization leverages community participation through  its Build A Bed initiatives to construct and furnish beds for the growing  number of children on their waiting list.

The Mills42 team successfully built five beds to benefit children within the  local Lowell community. Working in pairs, team members meticulously  sanded, measured, drilled and assembled raw lumber, ultimately creating  five personalized twin bed frames for five deserving children. 

Mills42 FCU CEO Derek Cronin expressed, “Substituting paperwork and  keyboard typing with sanding and construction brought genuine smiles  to our team’s faces. Engaging in this meaningful cause was an immensely  enjoyable experience, and we are eagerly anticipating the distribution of  these beds within our community. We are committed to continuing our  partnership with A Bed for Every Child for many years to come.”

About Mills42 FCU

Mills42 FCU was chartered in 1958 to serve the  employees and families of M/A-COM Technology Solutions. In 2005 the  credit union expanded their charter to serve specific communities within  Greater Lowell, Massachusetts, and moved to their current location at 83  Merrimack Street in downtown Lowell. In addition to English, the credit  union has team members who are fluent in Spanish and Khmer. Mills42  has about 3,000 members and assets of over $26 million. 

About A Bed for Every Child:

A Bed for Every Child’s innovative team building program engages communities and organizations of all sizes  to build beds for local children in need—promoting team collaboration,  leadership and growth while providing a life-changing resource for  children in need. For more information, visit


Derek Cronin, CEO

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