Minnesota Credit Union Network celebrates WINcentive Savings annual grand prize winners

ST. PAUL, MN (January 21, 2022) — The WINcentive® Savings program recently announced the final prizes awarded through the Minnesota statewide prize pool for 2021, including two grand prizes of $5,000 each, five $1,000 quarterly prizes, and 50 $100 monthly prizes.

Members from Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union and Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union were the lucky recipients of the annual grand prize drawings. Members from Fulda Area Credit Union, Minnco Credit Union and North Star Credit Union were among the program’s quarterly winners.

Affinity Plus employees of their Fergus Falls branch surprised two siblings, Jordin and Jacob, who each won a prize in the drawing – one of the annual grand prizes and one quarterly prize

Jordin helped Affinity Plus branch staff to surprise her brother with the grand prize check and was beside herself when she found out she also won $1000.

“You don’t understand where we come from, this is life changing,” Jordin told Affinity Plus branch staff.

Participating members of all 21 Minnesota-based credit unions offering WINcentive were eligible for the monthly, quarterly and annual statewide prizes for 2021. Each credit union is also guaranteed to have one $100 winner each quarter.

As of December 2021, nearly 8,500 members of credit unions in Minnesota have saved $12 million in WINcentive savings accounts throughout the state.

WINcentive Savings incentivizes consumers in to save by offering risk-free rewards. WINcentive prizes are awarded on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, with prizes ranging from $100 to $5,000. Account holders in Minnesota qualify for up to four chances per month for each $25 increase in their month over month savings balance.

The Minnesota Credit Union Network and TruLync also administer prize-linked savings programs for credit unions in Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Montana, New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Wisconsin. To date, the programs provide over 33,000 members throughout the nation the chance to win through prize-linked savings accounts, with nearly $70 million saved. Prize-linked savings facilitated by TruLync have awarded over $1 million dollars to members of credit unions since its inception.

More information about WINcentive Savings can be found at

Members of Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union, recent WINcentive Savings grand prize winner, Jacob B., and his sister, quarterly WINcentive Savings prize winner.

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