Minnesota Credit Unions for Kids positioned as leaders in state collaborative forum

MINNETONKA, MN (October 16, 2013) — Signifying the importance of Minnesota Credit Unions for Kids (MnCU4Kids) as a state sponsor for Children’s Miracle Network (CMN), two credit union leaders were invited to participate in a CMN state fundraisers’ collaboration forum. Established in 2013, this biannual event brings together local representatives from CMN’s premiere corporate sponsors, including Credit Unions for Kids, WalMart, Costco, Ace Hardware, Super America, Dairy Queen, Marriott and RE/MAX.

Credit unions are the third largest corporate contributor to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals annually, behind only Wal-Mart and Costco. Introduced nationally in 1996, Credit Unions for Kids has raised more than $100 million for affiliated CMN hospitals around the country.

MnCU4Kids Co-Chairs Marlo Hirl of General Mills Federal Credit Union and David Engler of Hiway Federal Credit Union were among the invited guests at the collaboration forum.

In 2012, MnCU4Kids raised more than $200,000 through the generous support of credit union, credit union members, and several local and national companies that work with credit unions, most notably CO-OP Financial Services. All funds raised by MnCU4Kids stay local, supporting Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, which helps kids with disabilities and chronic conditions. Gillette, based in St. Paul with outreach clinics located around the state, is Minnesota’s CMN-affiliated hospital.

“We are proud of the success of Minnesota Credit Unions for Kids and appreciate the opportunity to be able to share our successes and collaborate with others,” Hirl said. “It’s very valuable to hear from other fundraising organizations and to discuss events and strategies around the charitable work that we’re all doing to support Gillette and CMN.”

The sharing ideas and resources is at the root of the forums, which encourage cooperation among sponsors. CMN hosts similar meetings in other regions around the country.

“The passion, creativity and hard work that the Minnesota Credit Unions for Kids Advisory Board displays year after year is truly impressive,” said Joe Dearborn, national CMN’s Senior Director of Credit Unions for Kids. “They continue to motivate the credit unions across the state to make miracles possible for kids at CMN Hospitals throughout Minnesota.

“We are so grateful to have such a wonderful group supporting local kids,” Dearborn added.

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