MoneyDesktop Launches GuideMe, at FinovateFall

NEW YORK, NY (September 10, 2013)MoneyDesktop, a provider of personal financial management (PFM), data analytics and marketing solutions, today launched GuideMe while presenting at FinovateFall 2013 in New York. The financial tool integrates long-term goal setting into the day-to-day use of PFM in order to help account holders set, track and achieve significant financial milestones.  

GuideMe is integrated directly into MoneyDesktop’s award-winning PFM platform and draws from an account holder’s daily spending habits to help suggest a path for achieving future financial goals such as paying off a loan, saving for a child’s college education or preparing for retirement. Fully customizable, GuideMe clearly presents financial goals by implementing a similar approach to the company’s patented BubbleBudget concept, allowing account holders to track progress within each individual goal while visualizing the immediate importance of each long-term objective based on variable size and location on the tool’s virtual time line. Unlike many financial planning solutions, GuideMe automatically updates the progress of each goal based on the change or realization of another.  For example, GuideMe will update the suggested path for a longer-term goal, such as saving for a new car, once a more immediate goal like saving funds for an emergency needs account is met.

GuideMe will be launched and demoed during FinovateFall through an Android tablet—the first time MoneyDesktop has introduced a new product through the Android platform. However, the tool will soon be available for financial institutions to offer to account holders on multiple platforms and will be directly integrated into the MoneyDesktop and MoneyMobile PFM dashboard.

“We are extremely excited to announce GuideMe at FinovateFall,” said Ryan Caldwell, CEO and founder of MoneyDesktop. “Without a clear path to follow, long-term financial goals can quickly become fading aspirations or forgotten dreams. GuideMe provides a better way to visualize, interact with and actually achieve these goals by integrating long-term planning into day-to-day and monthly spending tracking.  GuideMe will also help provide account holders the financial freedom to enjoy spending now while giving them the security of knowing they are still on track in reaching life’s significant financial milestones.”

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Located in the heart of Utah’s Silicon Slopes, MoneyDesktop is redefining the way millions of people interact with their finances by developing award-winning personal financial management (PFM), data-driven analytics and marketing technologies. As one of the fastest-growing financial technology providers, MoneyDesktop integrates their solutions directly into online and mobile banking, core and payment providers – positioning banks and credit unions as the financial hub of their account holders. MoneyDesktop currently partners with more than 400 financial institutions and 28 online banking, core and payment network providers.

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