Mortgage Builder Acquires LXE Software

LXE’s LoanXEngine adds CRM and pricing component to Mortgage Builder’s LOS and LSS

Chicago, IL, October 22, 2012 Mortgage Builder Software, the Southfield, Michigan-based provider of leading loan origination and servicing software (LOS and LSS), has announced that it has acquired LXE Software, Inc. of Denver, Colorado.  LXE Software is a provider of CRM and product pricing and eligibility engine (PPE) technology, and is highly regarded as an innovator in its industry segment.  The company has over 50 clients, several of which are also current Mortgage Builder clients.

LXE Software’s flagship product, LoanXEngine, combines the essential services of lead management, product pricing and eligibility, and customer relationship management workflow into a single, easy to use platform.  As part of the acquisition, Alan Johnson, the company’s founder and CEO, will remain with the company and become a senior executive within the Mortgage Builder management team.  LXE Software’s other employees will also remain and the offices in Denver will form the nucleus of Mortgage Builder’s physical presence in the western United States.

LoanXEngine will be integrated into Mortgage Builder’s new LOS platform, Architect, which is officially launching at the MBA Convention with an array of major enhancements and a new look.  Importantly, LoanXEngine will continue to be available as a standalone product that works seamlessly with any loan origination software system.  “LoanXEngine is very popular with its users, so we will make sure they can continue to enjoy its superior features with full support,” says Keven Smith, Mortgage Builder’s president and CEO.  “It’s an incredibly dynamic product that brings great value to loan officers on the front end of the mortgage process, as well as to secondary marketing efforts.” Smith says.

“Mortgage Builder stands alone as an independent company offering an end-to-end-to-end technology that blends loan origination and loan servicing within a common structure,” says Johnson.  “LoanXEngine brings the very front part of the process into the equation, making Mortgage Builder the only ‘front-to-end-to-end-to-end’ company, with top quality CRM, PPE, LOS and LSS technologies,” he notes.  “This is a first for the industry and our clients will be the beneficiaries.”

LoanXEngine comes in standard and enterprise editions to serve organizations of all sizes and needs.  It is web-based, supports Pocket PC and iPhone browsers, and features configuration options for retail, wholesale and online origination business models.  The company’s LoanXWeb component turns lender and partner websites into dynamic 24×7 instant offer systems, while intelligently assigning loan officers, generating emails, finding best execution pricing and performing other critical functions.

Kelli Himebaugh, corporate vice president of Mortgage Builder, will be tasked with expanding LoanXEngine’s customer base along with bringing its benefits to current and future Mortgage Builder clients.  “Our clients will love what the addition of LoanXEngine will do for their origination efforts,” she says.  “With the formal introduction of our new Architect platform at the MBA Annual Convention, and now adding this superb front end technology to our wide range of capabilities, we have a truly amazing story to tell at the Mortgage Builder exhibit in the Expo hall,” she says.

Himebaugh notes that the initial integration into Mortgage Builder’s Architect LOS platform will begin immediately to enable Mortgage Builder users to take full advantage of LoanXEngine’s capabilities as quickly as possible.  “It automates so many parts of the marketing and origination process that it truly harmonizes with Mortgage Builder’s service orientation,” she observes.  “Both companies have raving fans, and together, we’re offering an even more compelling value proposition for our users.”

About Mortgage Builder
Southfield, Michigan-based Mortgage Builder Software, Inc. has been providing industry-leading loan origination software (LOS) to mortgage banks, community banks, credit unions and other financial institutions since 1998.  Mortgage Builder was the first LOS to provide its full capabilities in Application Service Provider (ASP) form, as Software as a Service (SaaS), in the traditional licensed, server-based configuration and now in a fully browser based environment, providing complete flexibility to suit all clients’ business models.  Architect by Mortgage BuilderTM is an end-to-end, “everything’s integrated” lending solution for retail, wholesale and correspondent mortgage production channels, automating origination, closing, post-closing and delivery, as well as tracking and reporting functions.  Essential enhancements like pricing and product eligibility (PPE), electronic document management (EDM) and electronic loan delivery functionality are built-in and available on demand, while compliant loan documents are provided at no additional cost. The company has been named by Mortgage Technology Magazine as one of the industry’s Top 50 Service Providers for the sixth consecutive year, and was the winner of the magazine’s prestigious Help Desk Award for outstanding customer service and the industry’s best technical support.  For more information, visit

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