Mortgage Builder Announces Upgrades to LoanXEngine CRM and Pricing Software

LoanXEngine 7.0 boasts mobile device support enhancements, complete FHA updates and improved wholesale channel functionality

SOUTHFIELD, MI (May 6, 2013) Mortgage Builder Software, the Southfield, Michigan-based provider of award-winning loan origination and loan servicing software systems (LOS and LSS), announced significant upgrades to LoanXEngine, its innovative customer relationship management (CRM) and product pricing and eligibility engine (PPE).  LoanXEngine 7.0, the new and improved version, represents the culmination of the platform’s six years of highly praised and innovative work in bringing efficiency and cost savings to the mortgage origination sector and its borrowers.

LoanXEngine, launched in 2007, was acquired by Mortgage Builder in October of 2012 as the front end component to round out the company’s unique full mortgage lifecycle array of offerings, joining Mortgage Builder’s Architect loan origination system and its Colonnade loan servicing system.  With LoanXEngine providing lead management, CRM and PPE functions, Mortgage Builder is one of the only technology firms providing “front-end to end-to-end” solutions for lenders of all sizes.  LoanXEngine is also available as a standalone cloud-based platform, easily used with other LOS systems.

LoanXEngine 7.0’s enhancements include:

  • Updated FHA mortgage insurance premium changes;
  • Closing cost filtering support features to allow lenders to customize fee charges according to the requirements of individual states, lenders, loan amount ranges, conventional and government loan products and other considerations;
  • Redesigned and improved non-qualifying product reporting, including detailed failure to qualify reasons and website links for further investigation;
  • Enhanced mobile device viewing, for tablet and mobile phone viewing ease;
  • Improved wholesale channel home page and workflow for greater functionality for third party originators;
  • Integration with LendingTree’s LoanExplorer, the all-new version of the company’s popular consumer-facing mortgage comparison and leadsource engine.  LoanXEngine is among the very few PPEs selected to work with them on this product.

“We’re very excited about LoanXEngine 7.0,” says Kelli Himebaugh, corporate vice president of Mortgage Builder Software.  “It represents a whole new class of PPEs for the mortgage industry, with its highly innovative lead management, CRM and improved functionality in products and pricing.  With LoanXEngine, lenders of all sizes have access to the best front end technology available today,” she says.  “It is part of the complete mortgage lifecycle suite of products that let lenders handle every step, from prospect quotes through origination, secondary marketing and servicing, all on a common platform that is easy to use,” she explains.  “Whether using LoanXEngine, our Architect LOS and the Colonnade LSS together or independently, lenders now have options for excellence they never had before.”

About Mortgage Builder
Southfield, Michigan-based Mortgage Builder Software, Inc. has been providing industry-leading loan origination software (LOS) to mortgage banks, community banks, credit unions and other financial institutions since 1998.  Mortgage Builder was the first LOS to provide its full capabilities in Application Service Provider (ASP) form, as Software as a Service (SaaS), in the traditional licensed, server-based configuration and now in a fully browser based environment, providing complete flexibility to suit all clients’ business models.  Architect by Mortgage BuilderTM is an end-to-end, “everything’s integrated” lending solution for retail, wholesale and correspondent mortgage production channels, automating origination, closing, post-closing and delivery, as well as tracking and reporting functions.  Essential enhancements like pricing and product eligibility (PPE), electronic document management (EDM) and electronic loan delivery functionality are built-in and available on demand, while compliant loan documents are provided at no additional cost.  Colonnade by Mortgage Builder offers a complete loan servicing system (LSS) that is scalable and fully featured, ideal for mid-sized and larger loan servicers.  The company has been named by Mortgage Technology Magazine as one of the industry’s Top 50 Service Providers for the sixth consecutive year, and was the winner of the magazine’s prestigious Help Desk Award for outstanding customer service and the industry’s best technical support.   Visit

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