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DDJ Myers releases final white paper in series: the newly merged organization

SEATTLE, WA (August 4, 2021) — “The Newly Merged Organization”, Part Three in the three-part series of white papers, “Credit Union Leaders Plan Post-Pandemic Merger & Acquisition Strategies” has been released by DDJ Myers.

Now that the merger has been planned out and the paperwork has been executed, it’s time to activate the most valuable asset to the credit union – its people. Part Three looks at the many ways the new organization can utilize their staff to create a smooth transition. Engaged employees will feel valued and be advocates for the transition both in the office and in the community. This energy ensures success of the new brand, organizational structure and overall success of the organization.

“Employees are often fearful when a merger occurs,” says Deedee Myers, CEO of DDJ Myers. “They worry they may lose their job or the local community involvement they’re accustomed to will diminish,” added Myers. “Being proactive by sharing plans and opportunities that will be available in the future will help to ease these fears and create cheerleaders instead of critics.”

Get Part Three here.
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