Moven and LemonadeLXP partner to help FIs with the human side of digital transformation

Moven announced today that it has entered into an agreement with LemonadeLXP, Inc. to help FIs support staff and customers as they migrate to digital banking.

NEW YORK, NY (May 13, 2021) — Holding the only US patent for financial wellness, Moven turns data into actionable insights that improve financial health through an embedded smart-banking experience.  LemonadeLXP, is the only company that combines a digital adoption and learning experience platform to help financial institutions drive digital fluency amongst frontline staff and customers.

“Part of Moven’s business strategy is to provide our clients with tools that allow for positive, consistent user experiences,” observes Monika Pollick, Director of Client Success at Moven. The LemonadeLXP platform will be an important resource as businesses look for ways to enhance loyalty, increase retention and radiate confidence’.

Since the beginning of the pandemic financial institutions have seen a heavy influx of customers using their digital channels. The challenge for them now is to provide an exceptional customer experience throughout the transition. To do so they need digitally fluent frontline staff and effective support tools for customers.

“The pandemic put a renewed focus on digital banking” said, CEO, LemonadeLXP.  “As customers flocked to digital channels, frontline employees were thrust into the digital support hot seat. Since we’d designed LemonadeLXP specifically to help FIs drive digital fluency amongst frontline staff and customers, we were well positioned to help. And now, with our partnership with Moven, we’re excited to be able to support even more FIs in their transformations.”

About Moven

 Moven provides a secure cloud-based software solution to fintechs and financial institutions on five continents with over 10 million users. The express goal is to offer the best integrated financial wellness experience and contextual banking capabilities to financial institutions via mobile, web, and voice. For over a decade, Moven has delivered unique technology solutions to fintechs and legacy banks and credit unions to develop API- and SDK-driven challenger banks. Partners rely on Moven's Financial Wellness® platform to provide real-time customer insights, resulting in reduced attrition, increased engagement, and revenue enhancement opportunities. Moven delivers customized, scalable solutions for each of our partners to best serve the needs of their customers. To learn more, visit or contact Gregg Early at  

About LemonadeLXP

LemonadeLXP is an award-winning learning experience and digital adoption platform for financial institutions.

The learning experience platform combines serious games, technology walkthroughs, role-play scenarios, and social learning to upskill remote and on-site employees faster.

The digital adoption platform, Digital Academy, supports frontline staff and customers/members as they migrate to digital channels. Digital Academy allows financial institutions to quickly author a branded, searchable, WCAG AA-compliant online hub with technology walkthroughs, app simulations, loan application guides, and videos — no developers needed.

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