Moven and PriceRazzi partner to help consumers get the cash back they deserve

NEW YORK, NY (March 16, 2021)

Movencorp, Inc. and PriceRazzi, based in Winnipeg, Canada, will collaborate to provide Moven’s patented financial wellness platform with the option of PriceRazzi’s price protection program. The offering provides Moven bank or credit union clients the chance to offer tangible savings to their customers or members.

Americans are giving away over $1 billion in unclaimed price drops every year. With our busy lives, people may not be able to search for better prices on purchases they have already made. Consumers often find the process wrought with friction and time consuming.

“It’s easy for marketers to declare they are financial advocates, but it’s a whole other ballgame when a financial institution can help consumers put cash back in their pocket,” says Bryan Clagett, Chief Revenue Officer for Moven. “The financial services industry is going to need to find new ways to help households save, and PriceRazzi is a great option.”

“We are very excited and lucky to be working with Moven to help financial institutions and credit unions put real money back into the pockets of their customers or members,” said PriceRazzi founder Declan McDonald. “Being able to collaborate with an industry leader like Moven doesn’t happen very often, and we are proud to do so. It’s not easy to stand out in a competitive, fast paced industry. However, working with Moven will allow us to add true value to the financial institutions’ customers. It has never been more important than today to provide financial wellness tools and find tangible ways for consumers to save money.”

About Moven

 Moven provides a secure cloud-based software solution to fintechs and financial institutions on five continents with over 10 million users. The express goal is to offer the best integrated financial wellness experience and contextual banking capabilities to financial institutions via mobile, web, and voice. For over a decade, Moven has delivered unique technology solutions to fintechs and legacy banks and credit unions to develop API- and SDK-driven challenger banks. Partners rely on Moven's Financial Wellness® platform to provide real-time customer insights, resulting in reduced attrition, increased engagement, and revenue enhancement opportunities. Moven delivers customized, scalable solutions for each of our partners to best serve the needs of their customers. To learn more, visit or contact Gregg Early at  

About PriceRazzi

PriceRazzi is a software company that provides backend-as-a-service technology for Financial Institutions who want to seamlessly add new features and value that goes above and beyond traditional banking services. This provides financial institutions’ customers real money back and provides deeper insights and life stages of their customers. To learn more, visit:


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