Multiple translations of best practices for preventing ATM gas & explosive attacks

LONDON, UK (October 23, 2013) — ATMIA has announced the translated publication of its Best Practices for Preventing ATM Gas & Explosive Attacks into five languages:  French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (and Brazilian Portuguese).  In addition, the Italian version will be released in November 2013.

Explosive attacks against ATMs are of growing concern globally and are particularly prevalent in Europe.    The use of explosives, predominantly combustible gas and with a proportional migration to solid explosives, is a recognised trend for the ATM industry in Europe.

“ATM gas & explosive attacks are at fairly serious levels in at least six European countries and therefore it is entirely appropriate that this is the first best practice manual that we first translated into several European languages,” said Flora Hamilton, Executive Director, ATMIA Europe. “We believe this manual will help to greatly reduce the frequency of this kind of attack.”

“Translations of ATM best practices into six languages shows ATMIA is serious about communicating its security best practices across all ATM markets,” commented ATMIA CEO Mike Lee. “The association is crossing language barriers to assist these countries in tackling this problem as effectively as possible.”

The association records its thanks to European Board member, Oberthur Cash Protection (and their partners companies, Diusframi Sistemas & Microsafe) for their very generous sponsorship of these security Best Practices.

The manual contains eight case studies which share insight on the industry’s response to gas and explosive attacks in six European countries as well as Australia and Brazil.  It is now available in these languages for ATMIA members to download from global Best Practice Library.  Executive Summaries have also been made available in all languages.
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