NACUSO selects OnApproach as a finalist for the 2015 Next Big Idea Competition

PLYMOUTH, MN (March 23, 2015) — OnApproach (, a leading provider of Big Data and Analytics for credit unions, is pleased to announce that it has been selected by NACUSO as a finalist for the 2015 Next Big Idea Competition.

NACUSO hand selected 5 of the best ideas in the marketplace for credit unions and/or CUSOs to compete against each other in their highly successful credit union Next Big Idea Competion during the 2015 NACUSO Annual Conference. Each of the five finalists will present their Big Idea in front of a live audience and a panel of judges. After a brief presentation, the judge panel, which include Shark Tank’s Daymond John, will ask questions and probe into the details of each idea. The conference attendees are the final judges using electronic voting to determine a winner at the end of the competition.

OnApproach will be presenting its flagship product OnApproach M360TM Enterprise. OnApproach M360TM Enterprise is a collaborative, multi-sided, Analytic Data Model (ADM) solution that enables credit unions to integrate all of their data into a single source of truth. It is a true industry standard data model because it is core and ancillary system agnostic. The Analytic Data Model enables employees at all levels of the organization to use information and analytics to increase efficiencies, manage risk, increase sales and profitability, and enrich relationships with members.

Furthermore, the OnApproach M360™ Enterprise ADM is part of an OnApproach Ecosystem that leverages the best collaborative energies of the credit union movement, by enabling credit unions to:

  1. Access the OnApproach Applications Market where credit unions and industry vendors can contribute reporting & analytic applications, which can be purchased by, or shared with other credit unions.
  2. Securely pool their data into collaborative industry pools that are used to run predictive analytic models that can be used for predicting next best product, association analysis, personalized marketing, discovery of pricing opportunities in new markets, and much more.

The powerful combination of OnApproach’s M360™ Enterprise and the OnApproach Ecosystem creates a technology enabler that makes it possible for credit unions to position themselves to be formidable competitors in the rapidly changing financial services arena.

About OnApproach

OnApproach is a CUSO that focuses on providing credit unions with the power to use data as a competitive advantage both independently and cooperatively. With OnApproach, credit unions can now harness the value of Big Data/Analytics through integration, advanced reporting, and predictive analytics. This deeper understanding of data allows credit unions to discover vital trends in member behavior, resulting in improved financial performance, reduced risk, and enriched relationships with members.


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