NAFCU Services And Cyveillance Expand Long-Standing Partnership

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Relationship Offers NAFCU Members Enhanced Protection from Social Engineering Attacks and Complements Existing Cyveillance Anti-Phishing Solutions

WASHINGTON – NAFCU Services Corporation today announced the expansion of its partnership with Cyveillance, the existing NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for anti-phishing solutions. The expanded partnership will include Cyveillance’s Secure Social Media ManagementTM solution, which provides social media policy enforcement, brand and identity protection, and cyber safety awareness education. NAFCU-members will benefit from the ability of Cyveillance Secure Social Media Management to securely manage their corporate identities and brands on leading social networking sites.

“As our members look to increase their social media presence to connect and communicate with members and prospective members, they are challenged to ensure that those interactions remain safe and productive,” said David Frankil, president of NAFCU Services. “Cyveillance has been providing cutting-edge anti-phishing and malware solutions to credit unions for years now as an invaluable partner. This latest effort once again demonstrates their commitment to staying on top of the latest threats and enabling credit unions to provide their members with the peace of mind they have come to expect.”

According to a September 8, 2010 report authored by Andrew Walls of Gartner, Everyone’s a Spy: Mining Social Media for Security Intelligence, “Posting of personal, corporate and governmental information in publicly accessible social environments on the internet has created a deep repository of artifacts that can be mined and analyzed to uncover confidential matters.” Cyber criminals are taking notice of the copious amounts of information posted about individuals and the organizations they are associated with to create sophisticated, convincing and highly targeted attacks. Many people are using online venues without realizing the consequences of those who can see this personal information and the ways in which criminals may use it to socially engineer targets and gain access to valuable corporate intellectual property and information assets. Therefore, it is critical to have protection in place to address the growing sophistication of online attacks. By partnering with Cyveillance, NAFCU has provided its members with the industry‘s leading anti-phishing and social media management solutions to address today’s current security landscape.

“Today’s online threats targeting both credit union members and employees through social engineering are becoming more targeted, persistent and dangerous than at any time in history. Cyveillance is very eager to expand our ongoing partnership with NAFCU Services, providing the most sophisticated security solutions to protect credit unions’ members and employees against these persistent threats,” said Panos Anastassiadis, COO of Cyveillance. “Criminals are ever vigilant in finding new and more sophisticated and successful means to carry out targeted social engineering scams and we commend NAFCU Services for its proactive approach to protecting its members and employees.”

Cyveillance Secure Social Media Management provides enterprises with a comprehensive social media strategy to manage their identity and brand footprint among social networking sites. This is achieved through an ongoing educational program to train members and employees, as well as a monitoring and enforcement program to ensure those guidelines are followed accordingly. Also, each identity or brand registered through the Cyveillance Secure Social Media Management solution is managed through a secure customer portal and is “locked down” using a unique and secure email, username and password. Alternatively, customers can assume control of accounts and exclusively use the associated pages for marketing or promotional purposes.

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Cyveillance, a world leader in cyber intelligence, provides an intelligence-led approach to security. Through continuous, comprehensive internet monitoring and sophisticated intelligence analysis, Cyveillance proactively identifies and eliminates threats to information, infrastructure, individuals and their interactions, enabling its customers to preserve their reputation, revenues, and customer trust. Cyveillance serves the Global 2000 and OEM Data Partners – protecting the majority of the Fortune 50, regional financial institutions nationwide, and more than 100 million global consumers through its partnerships with security and service providers that include Blue Coat, AOL and Microsoft. Cyveillance is a wholly owned subsidiary of QinetiQ North America. For more information, please visit or


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NAFCU Services Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU). Since 1975, NAFCU Services has partnered with the industry’s leading solutions providers to offer value-added products and services at a discount to credit unions. Currently, it offers 28 Preferred Partner programs to the credit union community and maintains the credit union locator website For more information about NAFCU Services Corporation, please visit


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