NAFCU’s Becker: Facing Crossroads with Tenacity, Resiliency and Adaptability

BOSTON, MA (July 12, 2013) — During his farewell address, National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) President and CEO Fred Becker, Jr., extolled the need for tenacity, resilience and adaptability when facing the crossroads of life and work.  Speaking on the final day of NAFCU’s 46th Annual Conference at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Becker paralleled his personal battle with cancer during the turmoil of the great recession to those facing the credit union industry during that time period.

“Life brings with it a number of opportunities. With those opportunities also come challenges – some small, others more significant – continually leaving you at a crossroads,” Becker said. “Because of our tenacity, resilience, and adaptability, we persevered.”

Becker emphasized that crossroads are “indeed a fact of life.”  He recalled his predecessor, Ken Robinson’s address to the industry when he retired over thirteen years ago that also noted crossroads are an opportunity to select the right course.

Becker said upon his diagnosis, he decided he was going to continue to lead a normal life and focus on beating the cancer and helping lead the industry out of the crisis with tenacity and resilience. He highlighted the importance of staying focused and building a cohesive team in confronting the personal and professional challenges of everyday life.

In closing, Becker underscored, “Crossroads are indeed a part of life. Crossroads must be met head-on – with tenacity, resilience and adaptability.  I have no doubt the credit union industry will meet the challenges that lie ahead.  I am proud to leave behind a team at NAFCU with Dan Berger at the helm that will always have your back in Washington.”

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