Narmi releases digital account opening platform

NEW YORK CITY, NY (July 31, 2018) — Narmi, a financial technology company catering to regional and community financial institutions, announced its latest product – digital account opening (

Chris Griffin, Co-Founder of Narmi, commented, “Deposit growth is the most common focus we hear from financial institution CEOs and our new digital account opening platform is a great example of Narmi solving real problems for our customers. Financial institutions can now open accounts in minutes, all while maintaining a robust compliance and fraud monitoring environment. Furthermore, our digital account opening platform is a great complement to our award-winning mobile and online banking platform.”

Narmi’s digital account opening platform provides institutions the ability to seamlessly onboard new accounts, verify identities, instantly fund the accounts and present digital banking enrollment.

From a compliance perspective, Narmi allows financial institutions to ensure Bank Secrecy Act / Patriot Act compliance and offer a functioning Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program as mandated and enforced by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

Highlights of Narmi’s Digital Account Opening Platform include:

  • ‒  Data collection from the new account holder
  • ‒  Identity verification of the new account holder through 30+ verification data sources, all

    delivered via a single API to the financial institution

  • ‒  Financial institutions can dynamically adjust identity verification rules to meet the specific

    needs of their fraud and compliance departments

  • ‒  Funding of the accounts via debit cards or ACH transfer
  • ‒  Seamless one-step enrollment with mobile and online banking platforms

    Narmi’s digital account opening platform is continued evidence that Narmi delivers a superior banking experience on behalf of financial institutions. To learn more please visit or email

Chris Griffin

About Narmi Inc

Narmi is a financial technology company that builds enterprise solutions across digital consumer banking, business banking, and digital account opening. Financial institutions work with Narmi to be leading digital organizations, go to market faster with industry-leading functionality, and better compete with megabanks, challenger banks, and fintech companies. With a particular focus on openness, Narmi’s open framework allows financial institutions to build their own extensions and features onto the base platform to cater to their needs. Today, Narmi powers financial institutions with billions of dollars of assets and helps move millions of dollars between financial institutions daily.


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