National ATM Council appoints two new NAC board members – Both bring depth of experience to new leadership roles

JACKSONVILLE, FL (April 10, 2018) — The National ATM Council, Inc. (NAC) is pleased to announce Edward M. Cramer, President, Cash on the Spot LLC and Pro-Solv Solutions LLC, of Buffalo Grove, IL, and Philip Webb, President, PDQ Merchant Enterprises, Inc., of Johnsburg, IL, as new appointees to the NAC Board of Directors, effective April 1, 2018.

“NAC and its leadership are excited to welcome Phil Webb and Ed Cramer to the NAC Board at this important time for the US Independent ATM sector,” said NAC Chair George Sarantopoulos. “They both bring many years of hands-on, real world ATM industry experience and expertise to the table that will prove invaluable to guiding the organization in its ongoing initiatives for America’s ATM entrepreneurs.”

A seasoned business entrepreneur, Cramer has been an ATM owner/operator since 2008. An active member of the association, he has been instrumental in NAC’s efforts in fighting against adverse state and federal legislation, as well as promoting the interests of the retail ATM Industry in DC. “I appreciate this excellent opportunity to join the NAC Board and help forward its mission of representing the business interests of ATM Operators, as we continue to fuel the US economy each and every day,” said new NAC Director, Edward M. Cramer. “I’m hopeful my work as an independent Operator will bring added benefit to the association’s efforts.”

Webb began his ATM business in 1997, establishing PDQ Merchant Enterprises, Inc. as an ISO in 2009. Webb has also actively participated for many years as a leader in various trade associations, including serving as President of the Illinois Coin Machine Association (ICMOA) from 2011 to 2014. “I am honored by this invitation to join NAC’s Board, both to serve the independent ATM industry and to participate in the extraordinary strides the association has made on behalf of its members and the retail ATM industry as a whole,” said Webb.

Cramer and Webb have assumed board positions previously held by Emily Harris, COO of eCash, Inc. and John Steely, CEO & President of Automated Systems America, Inc. (ASAI). “Both Emily and John have given generously of their time and talents to advance the interests of the Independent ATM industry, for which America’s ATM owners, operators and suppliers are greatly appreciative”, said Bruce Renard, NAC Executive Director.  “NAC looks forward to their continued support and involvement through participation in the association’s governmental affairs initiatives and technical committees.”

Edward Cramer

Philip Webb

About National ATM Council

The National ATM Council, Inc. (NAC) is a not-for-profit national trade association dedicated to ethically and effectively representing the business interests of ATM Owners, Operators and Suppliers in their efforts to provide for the safe, secure and convenient delivery of cash to consumers throughout the United States. For more information about NAC, please visit our website at

About PDQ Merchant Enterprises, Inc.

PDQ Merchant Enterprises, Inc., specializes in automated teller machines (ATM), both as an operator of the devices and as an independent sales organization (ISO) serving ATM merchants and owners. For more information, please visit

About Cash on the Spot LLC

Cash On The Spot LLC is a leading provider of Automated Teller Machines at retail locations throughout the Midwest, providing cash machines and transaction processing services to restaurants, events, festivals, clubs, convenience stores and office buildings. Cash on the Spot is a long-time supporter of civic and charitable causes in the communities in which it operates. For more information, please visit

About Pro-Solv Solutions LLC

Pro-Solv is a National ATM Cash Vaulting Services Network, connecting ATM operators, IADs and ISOs throughout the US and providing a viable option for companies looking to expand their ATM reach. Pro-Solv helps clients’ businesses grow by having cash provided by participating affiliates across the country to address the current cash crunch. Having qualified/pre-screened local ATM technicians provide cash vaulting and first line maintenance for a flat fee, allows Pro-Solv to provide full transparency and dramatically limit ATM down time. Pro-Solv’s solution helps create new income streams for ATM operators nationwide and works with all existing ATM processing platforms. For more information, please visit


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