National Credit Union Foundation Board nominations open

MADISON, WI (September 25, 2014) — The National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) is currently seeking nominations for three board seats. The nominations are for credit union executive or director, system affiliates and at-large seats. Volunteers serve up to three terms of three years each on the NCUF Board, as long as they are re-nominated by the NCUF Nominations Committee and re-elected by the NCUF Board.

Board Seats
The qualifications for the three NCUF board seats are as follows:

  • Seat 5 – credit union executive or director: candidate must be an executive officer or director of a credit union.
  • Seat 13 – at-large: must be and remain a representative of an organization outside the credit union system such as a cooperative that has demonstrated a commitment to the purposes of NCUF.
  • Seat 17 – credit union executive or director or system affiliates or at-large.

The following are currently serving in the following seats:

  • Seat 5 – Laida Garcia, President and CEO of floridacentral Credit Union in Tampa, Fla., is completing her second three-year term on the NCUF Board;
  • Seat 13 – John Gregoire, President of The Pro-Con Group in Madison, Wis., is completing his final three-year term on the NCUF Board in the at-large seat; and
  • Seat 17 – vacant.

Ms. Garcia has expressed interest in serving another term and Mr. Gregoire is not eligible to serve another term.

How to Apply
Qualified candidates interested in applying for any of these three seats can click “Volunteer for our Board” from the NCUF homepage ( to obtain the “Declaration of Candidacy” document. Applications must be received by October 31, 2014.

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