National Credit Union Foundation Hosts International Credit Union Day & Principles Twitter Chat on 10/13

In advance of International Credit Union (ICU) Day, the National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation) is hosting a Twitter chat for credit unions on Thursday, October 13th at 3 pm (CT). The Foundation invites credit unions to discuss ICU Day and their everyday efforts involving the nine credit union operating principles.

“Last year, we had a really successful Twitter chat around what credit unions were doing for ICU Day,” said Christopher Morris, Foundation Director of Communications. “This time, we wanted to dig deeper, since the ICU Day theme this year is “The Authentic Difference” which integrates the credit union operating principles. The chat will be a great opportunity for credit unions to share how they apply the operating principles to help members improve their financial lives.”

A credit union is a member-owned financial cooperative that operates by the seven cooperative principles, which are shared with cooperatives of all kinds worldwide. Many years ago, the World Council of Credit Unions spread the seven cooperative principles into nine operating principles, expanding the financial aspect to help credit unions apply them more appropriately to their operations.

During the Twitter chat on October 13th, credit unions and their staff are encouraged to share best practices and examples of their efforts around board elections, providing exceptional service to members, socially responsible activities, education, working with other cooperatives and more. Co-op Credit Union in Black River Falls, Wis. will be featured in the Twitter chat as a special guest.

Click here to download/view the list of questions to be asked during the Twitter chat.

Foundation Twitter Chat Details
The Twitter chat is a live streaming conversation, free and open to anyone with a Twitter account. For this Twitter chat, the hashtag will be #foundationchat. Twitter users can either type #foundationchat into the Twitter search box or utilize other tools such as Tweet Chat, etc. to follow the conversation.

Credit union professionals and organizations are invited to follow the Foundation at @NCUFoundation for news and updates. The @NCUFoundation account will be leading the Twitter chat discussion. Questions will be tweeted using a Q1, Q2, etc. format, which can be replied to with a corresponding A1, A2, etc. format. All questions and answers should contain the #foundationchat hashtag.

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