NeighborBench releases loan file compliance document checklist as new “NB Hot Tip”

FREDRICK, MD (November 7, 2013) — Through its educational website,, experts from NeighborBench and NB Risk publish complimentary tools each week to help financial institutions address common compliance challenges.

This week’s Loan File Compliance Document Checklist is a handy 4-page guide designed to help readers see, at a glance, what compliance documentation is required for various types of consumer loans. Periodically, it can be a useful exercise to compare the list of required compliance documents for each loan type to the contents of an institution’s loan files to see how they measure up.

The Loan File Compliance Document Checklist includes the following loan types:

  • Closed-end consumer non-real estate loans;
  • Open-end non-real estate loans;
  • Home equity lines of credit;
  • Mortgage loans; and Indirect loans.

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