Neighbors FCU to provide ‘Jordan from Rouses’ with a new vehicle

BATON ROUGE, LA (August 6, 2018) — Neighbors FCU has pledged to secure a new car for Jordan Taylor, the Rouses employee whose act of kindness has garnered media attention around the world. Neighbors President and CEO Steve Webb surprised Taylor with the announcement Monday morning during the Central Community School System Convocation.

“We are thrilled to extend a helping hand to a young man who has selflessly served his community,” Webb said. “We hope that his random act of kindness will inspire many others to do the same.”

Neighbors will work with Taylor and community partners to provide the car as soon as possible.

By now, you’ve probably heard the story of Jack Ryan Edwards, the autistic teen who, while shopping with his father Sid Edwards at the Rouses on Drusilla, became mesmerized watching Jordan Taylor stock shelves of orange juice. Seeing his curiosity, Taylor invited him to help and patiently assisted Jack in completing this task for almost 30 minutes.

The video of the encounter quickly went viral as did a GoFundMe page set up for Jordan’s education. His goal of becoming a teacher now seems in reach now that the fund has raised over $100,000. But this wouldn’t be the only surprise in store for Jordan.

Due to the Edwards’ family’s long association with the Central Community School System, Jordan was asked to appear at their convocation at Greenwell Springs Baptist Church on Monday, August 6. When reaching out to Taylor, School Superintendent Joseph Fountain discovered that transportation would be an issue for him attending the event. In an effort to rectify the situation, Mr. Fountain reached out to Neighbors Federal Credit Union to see about securing him a vehicle.

Neighbors has enjoyed a great relationship with Fountain and the Central Community School System through our Mascot Checking Program. Neighbors created a specialized checking account for Central High School and other surrounding schools. This checking account gives money to the school for every debit card swipe. Neighbors contributed a combined $21,383 to 11 participating schools during the 2017-2018 school year including Central High School.

Neighbors will follow up on this story as details become available including when and where Taylor will receive his new vehicle.

About Neighbors Federal Credit Union

Neighbors Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative operating as an  association dedicated to "people helping people." A handful of educators started Baton Rouge  Teachers in 1954 with a shoe box, a couple hundred dollars and the goal of making financial  services available to school system employees in our area.   Now, Neighbors Federal Credit Union is the largest community-chartered credit union in the  state of Louisiana with over 76,000 members and over $1 billion in assets. Since that time,  Neighbors has undergone a variety of changes, but the mission has stayed the same: Enhance  members' financial well-being and be a partner in the communities Neighbors serves.


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