NET Credit Union announces 2021 charity recipient

SCRANTON, PA (May 12, 2021) — NET Credit Union announces our 2021 charity recipient: Peggy’s Pathway for Women’s Cancer. Peggy’s Pathway for Women’s Cancer is a charity started by Peggy Petinato’s family and friends in her memory. Their mission is to raise funds for research into innovative treatments and early detection of uterine (endometrial) cancer.

This year, more than 61,000 women will be diagnosed with uterine/endometrial cancers and nearly 12,000 women will die from this disease. These are not just “women”. They are our wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and friends. They are dying because screening for endometrial cancer is not presently standard protocol, so it can reach an advanced stage before signs and symptoms are diagnosed. NET Credit Union will be hosting two fundraisers:

Since 2015, NET Credit Union has and will continue to fundraise for local charities. In 2020 alone, NET Credit Union was able to donate over $75K to our local community. “People helping people” is not only our motto, but also our community’s motto. Together partnered with Peggy’s Pathway, we are determined and committed to helping them reach their goals.

To learn more, please visit:

Peggy Petinato

About NET Credit Union

A Credit Union is a place to do your banking. NET is a not-for-profit financial institution, and we operate like a bank except we don’t issue stock on Wall St. Since we don’t have to pay stockholders, we use our income to provide lower loan rates, higher deposit rates, reinvest in our community, give to charities (#netcares), and keep our fees low. There’s so much more you get when you bank on NET.


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