NetGiver delivers $242,948 of member donations to charitable organizations

$17,006 would have been otherwise lost

TWIN CITIES, MN (March 1, 2021)

Recognizing the profound needs currently felt by so many, NetGiver enters its first full year of operation with eager anticipation and high expectations.

NetGiver, the award winning charitable giving platform that allows credit union members to securely and easily donate to their favorite nonprofits without paying fees, began full-scale operation midway through 2020. In that short amount of time, NetGiver supported 191 charities, facilitating nearly a quarter of a million dollars in donations made by credit union members, while saving them, as well as their chosen charities, $17,006 in fees.

As the NetGiver team enters 2021, it is motivated to deliver even more. “We got our first credit unions on the NetGiver platform in the middle of a pandemic. There was so much need; there’s still so much need.

Recognizing that, we are determined to make 2021 even more successful. The majority of the dollars given in 2020 happened at the end of the year. Imagine how excited we are to be entering an entire year of charitable giving, seeing every dollar donated reach its destination,” states Eric Berg, president of NetGiver. Also during NetGiver’s initial year, the organization was awarded both a Minnesota Technology Association 2020 Tekne Award and was named the “Next Big Idea, in a competition sponsored by NACUSO (National Association of Credit Union Service Organizations). In keeping with its mission, NetGiver donated a portion of its prize money last December, as part of #GivingTuesday.

Imagine the difference made by any charitable donation, of any amount, during this time of extreme need. Even more, imagine the difference a donation given without losing (on average) 7% of the gift through overhead costs and other fees. Imagine the difference this next year will bring, as NetGiver enters its first full year of making charitable giving easy, secure, and fee-free.

NetGiver team holds a giant check for $17,006.
That’s not the amount donated on the platform but instead it’s the amount NetGiver saved nonprofits on $242,948 in charitable donations in 2020.

About NetGiver

NetGiver is a cause-marketing and member acquisition platform which allows members and prospective members to give to any 501(c)(3) organization without incurring the platform or processing fees, ensuring 100% of their donation safely reaches the charity of their choice. Built by Credit Unions, NetGiver engages the heartstrings of your members and potential members while actively showcasing your commitment to your community. As a CUSO, NetGiver is committed to furthering the credit union movement by focussing on “people helping people” and through programs like CUSocialGood and the Imagine the Difference podcast. NetGiver was named NACUSO’s Next Big Idea in 2020. Visit to learn more about engaging with your members in their charitable giving.


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