Network Partners Combine Services

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (July 3, 2013) Two CUSO partners – Xtend, Inc., based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and CU*South, based in Fairhope, Alabama – recently integrated their bookkeeping services practices into a consolidated solution delivery team carrying the Xtend SRS (Shared Resources and Staff) brand.  This integration allowed for the smooth transition of daily back-office support processes from CU*South to Xtend for approximately half of its core data processing credit unions.  The other half would continue to be serviced by the CU*South staff, but under management oversight and best practices training provided by Xtend.

Scott Collins, President of Xtend, commented on the new partnership, “Until recently, our two back office teams were supporting our respective clients in parallel tracks even though we both leveraged the same CU*BASE® core data processing toolset.  We compared best practices, but each company focused on supporting its own customer-owners exclusively.  When Leo (CU*South CEO Leo Vaulin) reached out to me about combining forces I saw it as an opportunity that both CUSOs could leverage to support our growing businesses.  Although it is relatively early in the process, I think each company would consider the coordination of our two execution teams to be a win for not only the CUSOs, but also for the customer-owners who utilize the service.”

Both Xtend and CU*South are part of the ( network of CUSOs.

About Xtend (
Xtend, Inc. is a 100% credit union-owned CUSO formed in 2002 with headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Xtend provides a wide array of managerial, operational, marketing, technical planning and consulting services for credit unions of all sizes.  In short, Xtend is an aggregation point for shared resources that allows credit unions to deliver products and services more cost-effectively.  Their strategic offerings include bookkeeping services, member contact services, back-office mortgage services, partnered liquidity opportunities, shared branching, compliance monitoring, and insurance services.  Xtend provides services for over 170 credit unions and is currently owned by 71 credit union partners.

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