New CUNA OpSS Council white paper provides update on smart card adoption

MADISON, WI (November 11, 2014) —  The payments industry in the U.S. is in a state of flux. Magnetic-stripe credit and debit cards are on their way out, while smart cards using Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) chips are gaining ground. Concurrently, mobile payments are making a big splash—especially through secure, universal-use options like Apple Pay and CurrentC.

A new white paper from the CUNA Operations Sales & Service Council, “Smart Cards Update: Where Do We Go From Here?” explores the challenges, changes, and trends on the path to smart card adoption.

As of October 2015, EMVCo—governed by the major card brands—institutes fraud liability shift policies that transfer liability for certain types of card-present fraudulent transactions away from merchants if their POS devices are EMV-compliant. Meanwhile, continuing POS data breaches at retailers are moving many card issuers to roll out smart cards ahead of the liability shift—to protect consumer data and to ease customer security concerns.

As U.S. merchants, financial institutions, and consumers move closer to adoption of smart cards:

  • What will the transition look like?
  • Will mobile payments garner a major foothold?
  • What does all this mean for credit unions?

CUNA Council members are eligible to receive complimentary copies of this, and more than 300 other white papers.

The paper is available online in the white paper section of

Press may contact Natalie Sherry at for a copy of the white paper

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