New National Sales Manager announced at CUSO Financial Services and Sorrento Pacific Financial

Broker-dealers hire Mark Hoaglin to provide leadership and support to advisors and program managers at banks and credit unions across the country

SAN DIEGO, CA (March 18, 2015) — Sister companies, CUSO Financial Services, L.P. (CFS) and Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC (SPF), full-service broker-dealers and SEC Registered Investment Advisers providing customized investment and insurance solutions to financial institutions, have hired Mark Hoaglin as national sales manager. A veteran of the financial industry, Hoaglin uses his high-level industry expertise to provide guidance and leadership to CFS and SPF banks and credit unions across the country.

As national sales manager for the sister companies, Hoaglin is in charge of overseeing the growth of all programs with a special emphasis in managed programs. Managed programs are those in which the financial advisors are registered, employed and managed by the broker-dealer, although they work inside the branches of the financial institutions. In his new role, Hoaglin works with clients and advisors to identify ways to attract more customers to the financial institutions’ investment programs and to better serve their investment needs.

“We’ve only scratched the surface in terms of the number of customers we can support on a daily basis. Collaborating with my team to identify the technology and customer service that people need and want is what gets me going every day,” said Hoaglin in an interview.

Hoaglin is currently helping to build successful investment programs all over the U.S. by instructing organizations on how to become both efficient and profitable. He coaches program managers on best practices in marketing strategies, technology resources, new hires, and mediating internal issues. Hoaglin also uses his expertise to help program managers identify their own personal key strengths and learn ways to hone those particular skills.

“The priority among many financial institutions is not only to retain clients, but to gain clients,” said CFS and SPF CEO Valorie Seyfert. “Mark’s creative approach helps programs build new ways of growing their customer base. The ability to enhance and expand programs in many different ways is what makes Mark such an important member of our team, and he adds value by encouraging our company to think differently.”

Hoaglin’s past experience includes leadership roles at banks, wirehouses and credit unions. He has been an advisor with Merrill Lynch and a first vice president, regional investment manager at Cal Fed Bank and Citibank; he was president and CEO of XCU Capital Corp. Prior to joining CFS and SPF in October 2014, Hoaglin worked as vice president of investments and insurance at Patelco Credit Union in Northern California, a CFS customer institution.

About CUSO Financial Services, LP and Sorrento Pacific Financial LLC

Full-service, sister broker dealers CUSO Financial Services, L.P. and Sorrento Pacific Financial, LLC (Members FINRA/SIPC) provide customized investment and insurance solutions to financial institutions throughout the country. Headquartered in San Diego, with branch offices and licensed representatives nationwide, both broker dealers are SEC Registered Investment Advisers, with expertise in key areas including retirement services, wealth management, and fee-based and insurance products for both individuals and business customers.  For more information, see or or visit their LinkedIn pages: CFS and SPF

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