New PR course helps credit unions & business partners expand reach

Journalism & media relations veteran to lead instruction

SAVAGE, MD (August 10, 2022) — The vast majority of consumers – and even members – are still confused about how credit unions can help them. Credit unions often aren’t aware of the business partners who can help them continue providing relevant products and services to their members.

“I’ve heard countless stories of credit unions working to provide a leg up to recently incarcerated people and how business partners help credit unions serve more members with less-than-perfect credit, or even no credit, after they’ve been turned down by a megabank,” Sarah Snell Cooke, principal of Cooke Consulting Solutions, a communications strategy firm. “Credit unions and the business partners that help them to better serve members are doing incredible work toward providing access to life-changing services. We need to share those stories with relevant media outlets regularly and effectively to remain relevant.”

To help credit unions and their business partners better share their stories in the media, Cooke Consulting Solutions has launched a new public relations course, Mission: Influence. This intensive 6-week, 90-minute a week course, available in-person or virtually, offers a crash course covering everything from how to share your story effectively and engage the media to the basics of handling a PR crisis. Cooke will be joined by virtual guest speakers who work in and around the business, from journalists to credit union leaders. There will be homework to review in the next class. Upon completion of the entire course (including your homework!), Cooke Consulting Solutions will provide certification.

“We’re doing the great work. Now let’s make sure the world knows it by understanding why PR is critical to your business growth!” Cooke said. “Learn how to handle interviews and crisis scenarios, so your organization is prepared. And if you’re local, come in-person to the beautiful, Historic Savage Mill, Md., where we’ll host Happy Hours after the course for extra networking!”

Who should attend? Executives and marketing & PR professionals of credit unions, CUSOs and other business partners.

When? Each Thursday starting at 4 pm ET from Sept. 1 through Oct. 6

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Cooke Consulting Solutions provides communications strategy & execution for financial services businesses and their partners. We’ve helped companies serving credit unions and banks – ranging from well-established organizations to startups – build brand awareness, share their expertise, bolster trust and grow their bottom line.


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