New Relationship-Marketing Program for Credit Unions Introduced

BLOOMFIELD, NJ (June 27, 2013) Sean McDonald, President of Your Full Potential, LLC announced today that his credit union consulting company, in conjunction with Dave Bocks & Associates Marketing (Denver, CO) have introduced a new relationship marketing program for credit unions.

Sure 4 Bundles is a hybrid between relationship-pricing and cross-selling and will assist credit unions in creating and maintaining loyalty among their current and new members. The program, first created  by Tom O’Rourke, Director of Loyalty and Relationship Marketing at Dave Bocks & Associates Marketing and a former Wells Fargo executive, resulted in an astounding 86% cross-sell conversion and was adopted nationwide by Wells Fargo.   “This program works.  It has indisputable results as evidenced on page 10 of the Wells Fargo’s Q4 2011 quarterly earnings report.   Recognizing that credit unions have a great opportunity right now to capture more market share, we partnered with a well-respected and recognizable credit union industry leader in Sean McDonald. Together, we modified and refined the program to meet the specific needs of credit unions,” O’Rourke said.

“The best way to create loyalty is to build relationships with your credit union’s members so that they use more of your services.  The Sure 4 Bundles program will do just that.  By creating service bundles around the checking account, credit unions will convert more of their members into true advocates and will be able to increase the number of members that use the credit union as their Primary Financial Institution (PFI),” McDonald said, “it really is a win-win!”

Through their combined resources and expertise, Your Full Potential, LLC and Dave Bocks & Associates Marketing will perform an in-depth analysis of the credit union’s membership data, growth goals and results, behavioral trends, etc. This information will then be used to create a series of bundles for the credit union.  Every bundle will include the credit union’s checking account and each bundle will then have 3 additional products or services (loans, credit cards, mobile, e-statements, etc.)  The program will also include a training program for the credit union’s employees to educate them on how to discuss the bundles and their benefits as well as to help improve cross-selling conversion rates.

“Many credit unions already bundle their products and services.  However, a lot of those credit unions do not achieve the results they desire because certain elements of their program’s administration are missing.  The two most common missing pieces are a training element and a monitoring/measurement metric. Our program includes both of those things so the credit union can concentrate on building relationships and servicing members instead of having to monitor the program every day.   In my 30 years of working with companies and organizations across all industries, I have never seen a calculated ROI as high as what has already been achieved for this program,” Dave Bocks added.

More information on the Sure 4 Bundles program can be found at

Interested credit unions are welcome to call or complete the contact form on the website.

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