New White Paper explains options for IADs Seeking Capitol

NEWPORT BEACH, CA (August 25, 2014) — Independent ATM deployers (IADs) are faced with many challenges in today’s quickly changing payments environment. The United States is experiencing increased fraud, the payments industry is upgrading to more secure EMV-capable transactions and IADs are under pressure to find new sources of revenue in a world where interchange is shrinking — to name just a few.

In order to meet these challenges IADs are going to need capital.

“While there has been significant talk of economic recovery in the US, that relief has not yet spread to the small business sector,” says Darrin Ginsberg, CEO of Super G Funding, a Newport Beach, CA company that specializes in providing financing options to ISOs and IADs.

“Not only have small-business owners been unable to find new credit over the last four years,” says National Small Business Association president and chief executive officer Todd McCracken, “nearly a third have had their existing credit slashed and one in 10 had their loans called in early.”

“The largest factor in lending difficulties for ISOs and IADs is that banks simply don’t understand the business model; banks have strict credit criteria based on eligible collateral and residual streams are not a traditional asset to borrow against,” says Ginsberg.

To educate IADs, Super G Funding has released a new white paper, Lending Challenges and Solutions for Growing Your IAD in Today’s Economy, that explains why IADs are faced with difficulties when seeking capital and the various funding options available in today’s tight market. To obtain a copy of the free white paper, visit or call 800-631-2423.

ABOUT SUPER G HOLDINGS — Super G Holdings is a provider of entrepreneur friendly small business financing solutions. We specialize in loans from $25,000 – $2,000,000. We operate several lending divisions. Super G Funding provides financing options to independent ATM deployers. BizCash provides small to midsized growing businesses with revenue and cash flow based financing. SaaS Funding provides financing to software developers and software as a service companies. Super G Holdings also sponsors The Guppy Tank which puts on events across the United States for entrepreneurs to pitch for both equity investments and loans. For more information, visit or call 800-631-2423.

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