New York Deposit Rates Rank Higher Than National Average in Go Banking Rates’ Latest Installment of ‘Best Interest Rates in Every State’ Series

Continuing in its “Best Interest Rates in Every State” series, investigates the state of deposit interest rates in the Big Apple, and finds rates are actually more competitive in New York than national average deposit rates.

EL SEGUNDO, CA, November 26, 2012 – Finding the best interest rates on deposit accounts can be a tedious endeavor for those seeking out rates and institutions one by one. To help narrow down the search for the leading short-term and long-term CD accounts and the most aggressive savings accounts available, Go Banking Rates continues its Best Rates in Every State Series by focusing its study on New York deposit rates.

While deposit rates haven’t ranged very high compared to decades prior, local banks and credit unions in New York still hold their own by offering competitive interest rates compared to the national average.

Included in the study are deposit rates on products such as certificates of deposit (6-month CDs, 1-year CDs and 2-year CDs), as well as basic savings accounts from 69 financial institutions within the state of New York.

Across all deposit product types, New York interest rates came out above national deposit rate averages.


Deposit Account National Averages
  • 6-Month CD: 0.31% APY
  • 1-Year CD:  0.47% APY
  • 2-Year CD:  0.71% APY
  • Savings Account: 0.21% APY
New York Interest Rate Averages
  • 6-Month CD: 0.37% APY
  • 1-Year CD: 0.52% APY
  • 2-Year CD: 0.80% APY
  • Savings Account: 0.27% APY

In the U.S., the average 6-month CD rate was at 0.31% APY, while average national rates for 1-year CDs and 2-year CDs continued their trend under one percent at 0.47% APY and 0.71% APY, respectively.

Depositors in New York are fairing slightly better with average interest rate earnings of 0.37% APY for 6-month CDs, 0.52% APY for 1-year CDs and 0.80% APY on long-term 2-year CD accounts.

Go Banking Rates interest rate data reveals that the average New York savings account rate of 0.27% APY isn’t too far off from the national savings average of 0.21% APY.

To make it easier for New Yorkers to find competitively high deposit products in the state, Go Banking Rates has identified the top 10 institutions offering the highest deposit rates for each financial product — 6-month CD, 1-year CD, 2-year  CD and savings accounts.

Click here to see the full study.

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