NewGround launches updated WayPoint program

Innovative diagnostic tool analyzes, improves business delivery models

CHESTERFIELD, MO (February 7, 2019) — NewGround, a St. Louis-based innovative architecture, design, and delivery firm, recently launched a revitalized WayPoint diagnostic program, which helps organizations understand their leadership team’s perceptions and determine their overall alignment and delivery strategy. This updated tool provides enhanced capabilities to develop a more detailed and comprehensive analysis of an organization’s business strategy.

Using WayPoint’s powerful analysis through a refreshed, user-friendly site, organizations can reveal their leadership perceptions on the engagement of consumer-facing environments, organizational culture, and communication to evolve and improve future retail delivery strategies.

Through an online questionnaire, WayPoint reveals perceptions and beliefs of individuals who influence the business and its brand. The results indicate where each participant’s perceptions fall on the WayPoint grid, categorizing participants into four levels of management: Board Member, Executive, Operative, and Branch Level.

WayPoint performs its diagnostics based on four unique business delivery quadrants: Market Focused, Experiential, Traditional, and Product Driven. With each quadrant, the intensity level can vary from undefined, nearest the center, to extremist at each corner.

The alignment patterns within these quadrants determine the current strategy’s possible success. Scatter patterns can be defined as Center Mass, Ring Cluster, Split, Tight Cluster, Trailing, and Wide Area. The closer a pattern is plotted on the grid, the more closely aligned the perception of the whole organization is on that delivery method. If the pattern is more expansive, the weaker the alignment—meaning a more complex solution is required.

Upon completion by an organization’s leadership, NewGround’s Strategy Team generates a comprehensive report that dives deep into not only individual perceptions, but an array of information to help begin the organization’s transformation. This includes Brand, Place, and Culture mapping, organizational perception maps, questionnaire results, movement trends, key observations, and action recommendations.

“WayPoint has helped hundreds of financial institutions across the nation begin to transform their perceptions and business delivery strategies, and we are excited to officially launch this redesigned version of our site to continue helping organizations improve,” said Kevin Blair, President and CEO of NewGround.

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