Newly enhanced software solutions from Callahan help credit union industry professionals better understand performance data

Callahan & Associates relaunches enhanced versions of its CUAnalyzer and CUTarget software products to help professionals involved in the credit union industry educate themselves on data analysis and the latest trends.

WASHINGTON, DC (January 05, 2015) — The re-launch of Callahan & Associates’ CUAnalyzer and CUTarget software products makes analyzing financial performance metrics easier than ever for both credit unions and credit union suppliers.

CUAnalyzer provides credit union executives and professionals with performance metrics in key areas, including asset quality, capital adequacy, productivity, and growth. Users gain insight into each metric with detailed definitions and dynamic analysis along with advice on how to make improvements. Pre-built packets for specific credit union departments give users the metrics most valuable to them.

With the improved CUAnalyzer, users can now:

  • Set performance goals on the metrics of their choice and systematically track progress
  • Create email alerts for data updates to specific metrics
  • Easily find needed information with the improved design and intuitive interface
  • Export pre-built and customized performance reports in PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint formats

CUTarget is designed to give industry suppliers the information needed to target credit unions that could benefit most from their solutions and identify current clients’ performance needs. Suppliers can specify institutions and compare how they are performing against their peer group. They can also create marketing lists using financial and geographic filters to find cooperatives that best fit their client profile.

Users of CUTarget now have the ability to:

  • Set client goals relevant to their solutions and track their progress towards them
  • Keep up-to-date on the latest credit union trends by setting email alerts for data updates
  • Better understand key industry metrics with updated definitions and analysis points

For more information on CUAnalyzer and CUTarget, please contact Callahan & Associates at (800) 446-7453 or visit

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