Newly formed six-state credit union association announces new name and brand

Bold and Pioneering Spirit of the West Inspires the Future of the Credit Union Movement

TIGARD, OR (July 5, 2022) — Today, the new association formed by the merger of the Mountain West and Northwest credit union associations officially announces its name and brand. GoWest Credit Union Association reflects the bold, future-focused mindset of the more than 300 credit unions and their 16.5-million member consumers in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

“The GoWest brand is a true representation of the collaboration, commitment, and innovative nature of the credit unions we serve,” said Troy Stang, president and CEO of GoWest Credit Union Association. “They are steadfast in their passion to serve the evolving needs of their members, and GoWest embodies that mindset.”

The GoWest brand was the product of a thorough, inclusive research process to ensure the new brand fully captures the purpose and culture of member credit unions, and the Association serving them.

“We are elated to announce the GoWest name and brand,” said Danielle Sittu, senior vice president of Marketing, Communications, and Events for GoWest. “GoWest became obvious as it conveys the innovative nature, passion and fortitude of this association and its
credit unions. GoWest also showcases collaboration and the association’s commitment to boldly advocate for an environment where consumers can choose, and do choose, credit unions as their financial partner. Most importantly, GoWest reflects the bold, pioneering
spirit, and future-focused mindset of the member credit unions we serve.”

The unique, forward-thinking brand is a perfect representation of all the powerful characteristics of credit unions.

Sittu added, “Our new logo connects us to our western heritage by forming an abstract mountain and sun while the clean, fluid lines indicate a path, which speaks to the journey our member credit unions take with us. The tagline – Go Forward. Go Together. – is very
powerful, clean, and simple. We are an Association of cooperatives, and this is how we roll.”

Additionally, the newly combined organization announces its new foundation and service corporation, GoWest Foundation, and GoWest Solutions, respectively. These complementary brands capture the community impact and solutions-oriented focus that accelerate credit unions so they can become the preferred choice for consumers. Watch this video and review this one sheet to learn more about our name and brand.

About GoWest Credit Union Association

GoWest Credit Union Association is the trade association representing credit unions in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. GoWest advocates on behalf of more than 300 member credit unions, and their 17.4 million consumer members. The region’s not-for-profit cooperative credit unions take a bold, innovative, and forward-thinking approach to improving the lives of their members and enriching their communities. Follow GoWest Credit Union Association on LinkedIn at, Facebook at, and Twitter at for the latest updates on the regional Credit Union Movement. 


Katy Wagnon, SVP, Marketing & Communications

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