NEWS FROM CUNA: CUNA Volunteer Institute Helps Attendees Lead during Challenging Times

And Prepares Credit Unions for Potential Fiduciary – Duty Standards

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In a financial world that grows in complexity with each passing day, credit union volunteers need an advanced understanding of the issues affecting their credit union. From daily operations to board governance to fiduciary obligations, the ability to understand and analyze issues is critical.  CUNA’s Volunteer Institute, October 10-13 in Las Vegas, NV, is designed to create a simplified approach to these sorts of complex subjects that board members, committee members and CEOs address daily.

By attending this educational event, attendees can make confident recommendations and decisions to lead credit unions through these challenging times. The program focuses on content created by credit union experts that provides the insight and understanding of the current industry needs and expectations, such as the changes the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) recently proposed to sections 701, 708a, and 708b of its rules. All credit unions—particularly federally chartered credit unions—should understand these proposed rules and how they could affect their volunteers. By successfully completing identified sessions and exams, attendees can earn credits for the CUNA Volunteer Certification Program toward their Certified Credit Union Volunteer designation.

Key sessions include:

Compliance Update

Robert Rutkowski

Does it seem like the compliance issues have become impossible to keep up with these days? Imagine how your compliance officer feels! This session will help you keep on top of the ever-changing regulatory environment, for the safety and soundness of your credit union. Hear from Robert Rutkowski, head of the Credit Union Department and the Corporate & Financial Services practice group for his law firm, and let him guide you through this minefield of changes.

High Board Involvement = Great Results: The Board’s Role in Strategic Planning

John Redding

Does the degree and nature of board involvement in strategic planning lead to improved credit union performance? The answer is a definitive “yes.” Hear the stories of several high-performing credit unions whose boards played critical roles in sparking and guiding their organizations to achieve high-performer status. Discover a best-practice model for board involvement in strategic planning, identifying specific steps to strengthen your board’s contribution to obtain superior results. Then learn how several boards have successfully applied this best-practice model to produce better-than-expected results in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis.

E-governance: Using Online Tools to Build Your Board’s Effectiveness

Dottie Schindlinger

E-governance, the strategic use of online tools such as board portals to enhance the effectiveness of boards of directors, is the latest governance trend sweeping the globe. Board portals provide a secure online space where board members can share resources easily, communicate efficiently, conduct committee and board work between face-to-face meetings, share calendars, and develop a knowledgebase. The smart implementation of these online tools can increase director engagement, enhance transparency and accountability, and reduce risk.

Implementing E-governance Successfully

Dottie Schindlinger

Implementing any new technology solution requires careful planning; with e-governance, planning is critical to success. Building on the keynote presentation on e-governance, this session will provide a list of concrete steps you can take to implement a board software solution.

Analyzing the Risk in Your Loan Portfolio

Dan Johnson & Steve Miller

The economic troubles of the last couple of years have revealed weaknesses and flaws in many loan portfolios. It is incumbent upon the supervisory committee to make sure that management is assessing this risk and taking steps to control and manage that risk. Hear from industry experts who will help you maximize your effectiveness while ensuring the efficiency that is required to meet deadlines.

The registration fee is $1,295 per person for the entire session ($1,395 after August 29, 2010).CEOs attending with at least one board member, can register for the full conference at 1/2 price. For more information,visit or call 800-356-9655, ext. 4249.


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