Revamped: Plan It retirement-planning calculators

MADISON, WI (October 1, 2014) — CUNA announced today exciting updates to its retirement planning microsite, Plan It™.  This microsite serves as a retirement preparation resource for credit union members, of any age, who want to ensure a comfortable future.

With increased connectivity between the three retirement calculators and supplementary items added to the Retire-Ready Checklist and Short Courses, credit unions can now offer their members additional expert retirement advice. The newly revamped Plan It also includes new artwork to reflect today’s pre-retirees and revised language throughout the three calculators for easier understanding and consistency.

“Our goal has always been to help pre-retirees focus attention on and keep track of their retirement funds,” says Rena Crispin, Managing Editor for Plan It.

Plan It’s updated features allow members to see the benefits of planning for retirement with planning tools, including:

Personal Profile: Pre-retirees privately enter information such as age and number of years to retirement to help customize the calculators.

Financial Longevity: A dynamic, interactive graph illustrates how changes in contribution percentages to taxable and tax-deferred accounts might affect future financial resources. Pre-retirees can save their work and return to adjust the information and variables as their situations change.

Track My Savings: Based on the information they gather and learn using the Financial Longevity calculator and other Plan It resources, pre-retirees can adjust their goals in the Track My Savings calculator.

Plan it’s calculators provide a clear picture to members who want reliable results. Ideally, foreseeing the future in this painless way will encourage them to take steps to make sure their retirement is all they hope it will be,” says Susan Tiffany, CCUFC, Director of Personal Finance Information for Adults.

For more information on the updated Plan It microsite, visit the website herePlan It is just one element of CUNA’s personal finance suite. Learn more about other online content that benefits credit unions and their members.

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