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3 things to know for a simple mortgage LOS implementation

For lenders like yourself, your LOS is the direct pathway connecting you to borrowers—it’s the engine driving your mortgage operations and a crucial tool in their homebuying journey. That’s why selecting a [...]

- by MeridianLink

Next-gen mortgage experiences: Strategies for growth in 2024

According to MeridianLink’s 2024 consumer survey, 30% of respondents indicated a willingness to switch financial institutions (FIs) upon experiencing unsatisfactory customer service; that same survey also found that 36% of respondents want their FIs [...]

- by MeridianLink

Addressing challenges & best practices for home equity

Lenders are continuously focused on new products to gain a competitive edge; but the unprecedented changes in interest rates over the past 18-24 months, coupled with consistently rising housing prices and tight inventory, has placed [...]

- by MeridianLink

Navigating the U.S. housing affordability crisis

The aspiration of homeownership has been deeply ingrained in the fabric of American culture. However, for millennials and Gen Z, this aspiration can be frightening with the harsh realities of housing affordability. As rent continues [...]

- by Kenzie Kelley, MeridianLink

Take your processes from sluggish to speedy with data

Slower-than-average processing times are a headache for everyone involved, whether you’re a consumer applying for a loan or a loan officer trying to help consumers meet their needs. Fortunately, you probably already have the [...]

- by MeridianLink

5 reasons to integrate your consumer & mortgage lending

To thrive in today’s economy, financial institutions (FIs) must prioritize delivering personalized offers on the products and services that consumers need precisely when those services are needed. Unfortunately, many banks and credit unions house [...]

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