Removing friction from the lending experience: Insights from Fortera Credit Union on the Banking Transformed Podcast

In the high-stakes arena of financial services, where competition is rapidly rising, staying ahead of the curve is not just crucial—it’s the difference between thriving and falling behind. And it’s more than just being ‘digital’. In fact, customers are now measuring their financial institutions’ digital delivery of services against the practices of world-class online retailers.

In this special eight-part series of the Banking Transformed podcast—recorded at MeridianLink® LIVE! and featuring MeridianLink® customers—industry leaders discuss their journeys, strategies, and lessons learned along their unique paths to digital growth.

In this first episode, Tim Wheeler, Chief Lending Officer of Fortera Credit Union, shares how they leverage technology, challenge traditional thinking, and eliminate unnecessary friction points that not only creates a seamless, member-centric lending experience but also results in significant growth. Wheeler emphasizes the importance of data, analytics, a digital-first mindset, and the role of leadership in driving change within the organization.


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