News from Mazuma: Community Collaboration Series on corporate social responsibility

KANSAS CITY, MO (November 13, 2013) — Mazuma Credit Union based in Kansas City, Missouri is pleased to release the first article in its “Community Collaboration Series.” The series of articles focuses on the critical role corporate social responsibility (CSR) plays in the future growth of financial institutions.  Indeed, today’s marketplace demands that businesses reflect principles of CSR in their strategies for growth, and credit unions in particular offer an inspirational model for the role of CSR in a growing enterprise.

Authored by Mazuma President & CEO Brandon Michaels, the series of five articles offers insight and ideas for practical application of CSR, starting with a basic understanding of the market realities that make CSR important. We invite you to view and share our first article located on the special Mazuma blog and attached as a PDF

Article 1: Community-Based Corporate Social Responsibility Platforms: The Next Key Building Block for Credit Unions?

Article 2: Financial Education for Young Adults: A Community Imperative

Article 3: Why Giving Your Employees Financial Education Makes Smart Business Sense

Article 4: Small Business Growth Strategies: The Unique Advantages of a Credit Union

Article 5: Creativity and the Growth of Business: Why a Credit Union Should Care About the Arts

A new article will be released each month. I hope the series provides you and your readers with some valuable insights.

Thank you for your help to inform other credit unions and businesses on how they can help their respective communities thrive.

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