NominoData releases One Click Compliance due diligence solution for credit unions of all sizes

INCLINE VILLAGE, NV (January 22, 2018) — NominoData has released a new version of One Click Compliance designed for credit union due diligence and compliance officers for credit unions of all sizes. The solution has been configured to empower credit union KYC, BSA and compliance officers to complete their work in one easy to use, reasonably priced user interface. The solution requires no installation and can be used with any existing KYC, case management or transaction monitoring system.

Robert Goldfinger President of NominoData stated “As a former Director of Risk Management for a multi-billion dollar credit union I know the challenges faced by credit unions to conduct due diligence investigations. To answer this challenge we’ve designed One Click Compliance for Credit Unions.”

One Click Compliance empowers credit union compliance officers to research all of the following KYC fields in one easy to use interface:

Negative News
Politically Exposed Persons (PEPS)
Exchange Enforcement
Beneficial Ownership and registered corporate information
Panama Papers /Wikileaks
Global Most Wanted

The solution also includes portfolio case management, audit trail and batch processing. Priced by user seat or enterprise access, One Click Compliance requires no technology installation and is priced so that even the smallest credit union will appreciate the value of the solution.

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