NuSource Financial to partner with Blue Ridge AppGuard® Software Solution for ATM security

CHANTILLY, VA (December 16, 2014) Blue Ridge Networks, an established cybersecurity provider, announces a partnership with NuSource Financial to incorporate AppGuard security on Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).

Current ATM software typically relies on maintenance personnel running batch files from USB memory sticks for patch upgrades, often delaying updates to address identified vulnerabilities. Further, ATMs have the same risks as any other computer for exploits of undiscovered vulnerabilities.  Attacks on ATMs are on the rise worldwide, costing banks, governments and consumers billions of dollars per year. These attacks can seriously damage a financial institution’s reputation, lower customer confidence, and shorten the lifespan of ATMs.

NuSource Financial understood their banking customers’ concerns about ATM malware threats such as the recent Tyupkin malware attack, which utilizes scripts on a USB for infecting the ATM. Working with Blue Ridge, NuSource confirmed that AppGuard provides unique, next generation protection against the rash of new viruses, zero-day malware, ransomware, targeted attacks, and many other forms of advanced threats currently plaguing the marketplace. It prevents exploits from known and unknown threats using patented isolation and containment technologies.  AppGuard provides this protection without requiring burdensome scanning or frequent updates.

“AppGuard was easy to integrate into our ATM systems and didn’t require us to make any changes to our architecture or operations,” said Jon Erpelding, President of NuSource Financial.

NuSource values AppGuard’s robust defenses that disrupt malware attacks and deliver unmatched exploit prevention for ATMs.

  • AppGuard prevents unauthorized scripts or malware from executing a first-stage attack on the ATM or running malware from a USB stick or CD-ROM used for maintenance.
  • AppGuard does not rely on scanning, detection, or signature identification to provide protection, thus reducing system overhead.
  • AppGuard is always protecting and does not require updates or patches, mitigating risks and concern from ATM system maintenance delays.
  • When ATM maintenance is implemented, AppGuard enforces an orderly process with a security audit to maintain system integrity.
  • AppGuard works on systems that are not being patched or updated on a regular basis, ensuring optimized security for ATMs with vulnerable software.

“AppGuard for ATMs provides the most comprehensive and advanced malware protection available in the banking market,” said Mike Fumai, President & COO of Blue Ridge.  “It enables our customers to plan and implement forward-thinking strategies, while ensuring high safety levels for the consumer.”

About Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Networks provides effective cybersecurity solutions to government, commercial enterprises and consumers. The company offers an unmatched suite of field proven, reliable, scalable, certified, easy-to-use, and affordable cybersecurity solutions that “just work.”  

About NuSource Financial

NuSource Financial is one of the fastest growing transaction solutions companies in the U.S., supplying ATM Solutions, Branch Transformation Services, and Security & Alarm solutions. Impactful strategies that enhance the customer experience while lowering costs has fueled our growth into 19 states with over 600 financial institutions.  

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