NYMBUS introduces full-service digital brand alternative for financial institutions

SmartLaunch bypasses legacy core conversion to quickly acquire digital customers & affordable new revenue

JACKSONVILLE, FL (April 26, 2018) — NYMBUS®, the world’s most advanced revenue and technology solutions company, today introduced SmartLaunch. The company’s latest solution enables financial institutions to stand up a turnkey digital brand under their existing charter in as few as 90 days. Built on NYMBUS’ modern SmartCore® platform, this new model eliminates the need to undergo a conversion or hire additional staff. NYMBUS provides all of the operational and technical resources
required, including 24/7 support and targeted digital marketing and website services, so that financial institutions can quickly generate sustainable new deposits and revenue.

“The race is on to capture today’s digital banking customers, but legacy technology, operational risk, and a lack of resources and expertise make it difficult for financial institutions to deliver the exceptional Amazon-like experience consumers have come to expect,” said NYMBUS President David Mitchell. “SmartLaunch accelerates the goal by removing those barriers, while also leveraging a largely untapped brand approach for engaging loyal new customers and revenue opportunities.”

Financial institutions can use their established market brand for introducing a digital bank with SmartLaunch or choose to create a separate digital-only brand that strategically targets a niche consumer audience. For example, by working with affinity partners or within specific occupational fields of membership, SmartLaunch can establish a standalone digital brand that leverages those alliances. Founded upon loyalty and with an advanced understanding of its clients, a digital-only brand provides substantial benefits to participating organizations by expanding digital consumer reach and cross-sell opportunities.

“Digital banks are a profitable strategy, but NYMBUS recognized that a new model was needed to eliminate operational risk while also attracting more of today’s digitalsavvy consumers,” Mitchell said. “SmartLaunch makes this all possible without needing a core conversion or hiring additional staff, and operates under the institution’s existing charter. Ours is truly a ‘sign and recline’ alternative.”

The impact of digital disruption within the banking industry continues to intensify. According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, U.S. banks shuttered more than 1,700 branches in the 12 months ending June 2017, which marked the fastest decline on record. Meanwhile, most organizations underestimate the time and work required to
transform into a digital-first organization.

Recognizing that innovation has to happen immediately for financial institutions to compete and stay relevant, NYMBUS designed SmartLaunch as a low-risk digital brand alternative that can be up and running in record time to affordably accelerate business growth. Key products and resources provided include:

• Full outsourced operations for account opening, checking and savings accounts
• Debit card issue and management
• AML/BSA compliance
• Workflow management for complete process audit and control
• Complete digital marketing support
• 24/7/365 support

For more about SmartLaunch and how to get started, visit

About Nymbus

Nymbus is a leading provider of financial technology solutions, and its platform is used by credit unions and banks of all sizes to innovate and grow. It has disrupted the financial services market as an alternative to legacy technology providers with a cloud-based and highly extensible technology stack. With Nymbus, any size financial institution can quickly launch a full-service digital brand or migrate to our award-winning core. Nymbus buys back decades of lost time to engage and support the entire digital customer journey. For more information about Nymbus, visit


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