Nymbus launches personal onboarding concierge for enhanced account-opening experience

JACKSONVILLE, FL (November 16, 2023)NYMBUS®, a premier provider of cloud-based financial technology solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its Personal Onboarding Concierge service. This new offering – which comes on the heels of Nymbus’ partnership with Scienaptic AI – redefines the onboarding experience for its business banking and Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) customers.

In an era in which more than 65% of people have higher expectations for customer service today than we did 3-5 years ago, the Nymbus Personal Onboarding concierge service stands apart, helping revolutionize customer service as well as how banks and credit unions can engage and activate clients earlier in their customer lifecycle.

Studies indicate that banks and business clients experience considerable challenges during onboarding. According to international management and strategy consulting firm Oliver Wyman, the traditional onboarding process can take 90-120 days. This process – as summarized in a Thomson Reuters report – drains bank resources and leaves a significant percentage of corporates dissatisfied, causing some to switch banks.

The Nymbus Onboarding Concierge service allows Nymbus to support its customers’ internal teams – those struggling to keep up with the breadth and depth of what’s needed to onboard their own clients – and allow financial institutions to provide their new customers or members with a 1:1, expedited onboarding process that features real-time human interaction and customized support, setting the stage for a smooth transition into their new financial environment.

The potential for success is limitless. Gartner research indicates that value enhancements like the Nymbus service – ones that genuinely impact customer perceptions – can increase the probability of customer stickiness by 82%. However, that’s just one of many advantages the Personal Onboarding Concierge service can provide to banks and credit unions, said Nymbus CEO Jeffrey Kendall.

“This offering aligns perfectly with our customers’ early account acquisition and deposit growth objectives – particularly during the crucial stages of converting high-value prospects,” Kendall said. “It also amplifies what has become a long-standing trait of community financial institutions and their ability to offer premium customer service, allowing them to deliver highly personalized experiences that cater to individual client needs.”

This innovative process is designed to work in harmony with Nymbus Onboard, a modern digital onboarding solution. The solution simplifies the collection of prospective customer information, document gathering, and signature acquisition. It also ensures that Know Your Customer (KYC) and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) checks meet the required standards.

By pairing Nymbus Onboard with the Personal Onboarding Concierge service, a comprehensive, streamlined onboarding experience is offered – one that aims to drive new account and revenue growth across multiple platforms and channels.

Kendall speaks to the proficiency and comprehensive skills of the Nymbus Digital Experience Center (DXC) team.

“Our DXC experts specialize in Know Your Business procedures and offer in-depth knowledge of a diverse range of SMB products,” he said. “They also are proficient in the Nymbus tech stack, making for a streamlined and superior customer experience at every touchpoint.”

About Nymbus

Nymbus is a leading provider of financial technology solutions, and its platform is used by credit unions and banks of all sizes to innovate and grow. It has disrupted the financial services market as an alternative to legacy technology providers with a cloud-based and highly extensible technology stack. With Nymbus, any size financial institution can quickly launch a full-service digital brand or migrate to our award-winning core. Nymbus buys back decades of lost time to engage and support the entire digital customer journey. For more information about Nymbus, visit


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