OCCU magnifies member savings with dynamic duo of accounts

EUGENE, OR (October 13, 2022) — Eugene-based OCCU strives to boost its members’ savings by providing a pair of complementary products designed to work in harmony.

OCCU’s Remarkable Checking and Ignite Savings accounts are a dynamic duo fine-tuned to enhance financial security. Members enrolled in both accounts grow their savings powerfully and effortlessly.

The Remarkable Checking account provides all the benefits of a conventional checking account but also generates significant interest. Balances of up to $20,000 earn 1% annual percentage yield (APY). While many checking accounts accrue very little or no interest, Remarkable Checking lets members get the most out of their checking account.

The Ignite Savings account works under an inverted-tier system: smaller amounts of money in the account generate greater APY. The first $500 earns a full 5.25% APY, and the yield decreases for each additional level of the balance. In this way, Ignite Savings encourages members to save, especially if they’re starting small.

When members use both the Remarkable Checking and Ignite Savings accounts together, they leverage their accounts’ synergies to increase their saving power. And by using both accounts with OCCU, members enjoy a seamless experience. OCCU has designed these accounts to work together, enriching members’ lives by making saving both easy and rewarding.


About OCCU

OCCU is a not-for-profit financial cooperative with more than $3.4 billion in assets. The credit union was founded in Eugene, OR, in 1956, and has an expanding network of branches and web tools to provide its more than 260,000 member-owners with a full suite of financial services. Membership is open to anyone living or working in 28 Oregon counties or anywhere in Washington. Learn more at


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