Ocean Financial Federal Credit Union celebrates Financial Awareness Day

OCEANSIDE, NY (August 12, 2022) — Oceanside, NY (August 12, 2022) – Ocean Financial Federal Credit Union (OFFCU) is celebrating Financial Awareness Day on August 14, 2022, by encouraging members to review their finances and how to make better decisions.

According to Joe Tedesco, President and CEO of Ocean Financial Federal Credit Union, here are three ways to increase your financial awareness:

  1. Knowing your financial status:Before you move forward with any financial decisions, it is important to recognize where you currently stand. “When talking to our members, we like to ask for their opinion on where they see themselves financially,” said Joe. “After they score themselves on a scale of 1-10, we then ask them the next, and maybe more important question, which is why. This way, clients are able to share any financial problems they have and what they would like to work on for the future.”
  2. Education:After sharing what you would like to work on in the future, Joe recommends finding opportunities that will help you take the right step in improving your financial well being. “At Ocean Financial, we have financial counselors who will give you the advice that you need not just for today, but for any issue that you may run into down the road.” When visiting a financial advisor, have them outline different strategies that fit your personal financial situation and steer you towards the best course of action.
  3. Take Action and Stay on Track:When setting your goal for financial success, Joe recommends tracking your steps. “When you set a goal, it is always important to measure out the steps to reach that goal,” said Joe. “I suggest writing everything down, that way you are able stay focused while tracking your goals and setbacks. When you finally reach that goal, don’t forget to celebrate your success!”

About Ocean Financial Federal Credit Union

Ocean Financial Federal Credit Union was formed in 1969 by a group of Father Joseph O’Connell Knights of Columbus members looking to provide financial services to Brother Knights and their families. Over the years, the credit union has evolved in name and in the field of membership, while maintaining ties to their Catholic roots.

Today, Ocean Financial has grown to over $359 million in assets, serving members of the Knights of Columbus in New York State, the Diocese of Rockville Centre, and any Catholic interested in the credit union. Inspired by their Catholic values, Ocean Financial provides exceptional products and services to the Catholic community. The credit union takes pride in having Catholic values you can bank on. Ocean Financial promotes these values throughout the entire organization, down to the logo. To learn more, visit


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