Ondot Systems brings mobile wallet push provisioning to banks and credit unions of all sizes

Ondot’s full-service push provisioning capability and certification program enables regional and community issuers to be top-of-wallet in digital payments

SANTA CLARA, CA (February 13, 2020)Ondot Systems, which provides digital services for credit and debit issuers, has announced a full-service program for financial institutions that allows cardholders to provision cards into a pay wallet directly from an issuer’s app.

Push provisioning is the technology that allows consumers to add credit and debit cards directly to their payment wallets. While Apple and Google have long allowed cardholders to manually add their cards in the pay wallet, push provisioning adds the cards to the wallet from the issuer’s app while minimizing friction.

Most major card issuers have offered push provisioning in their apps for some time, but a majority of mid-tier and community issuers still do not have this capability. By providing both an elegant technical solution, Ondot makes it simple for issuers of all sizes to enable push provisioning and remain competitive in the world of digital payments.

“Digital wallets are prime payment real-estate. Card issuers have to make it really simple for their cardholders to provision their cards and incentivize them to drive top-of-wallet behavior since customers tend to rely on the first card in their digital wallet,” said Joe Baker, Ondot’s vice president of business development. “What we have announced today levels the playing field for mid-tier and community banks and credit unions. These issuers are now able to provide this capability quickly and simply.”

Financial institutions look to Ondot to provide the solutions and experience to introduce new digital services to meet the needs of their consumers. Ondot has not only announced a technology solution, but also a white glove program to take customers through the process. The program allows customers to enable push provisioning in their card app cost-effectively and with quick time-to-market.

Ondot serves over 4,500 financial institutions and all of them seek to provide the best possible user experience for their members and customers. By adopting Ondot technology, they get the next generation standard in cardholder engagement – digital onboarding, in-app push provisioning, virtual cards, enriched transaction and spend insights, card controls, and real-time digital experiences. Driving top-of-digital-wallet is a key aspect of this value proposition.

About Ondot Systems

Founded in 2011, Ondot provides more than 4,500 banks and credit unions with a digital card services platform to drive cardholder engagement. From community issuers to top global banks, Ondot enables financial institutions to offer in-the-moment convenience, control, and transparency for credit and debit cards, leading to higher usage, lower cost, and reduced fraud. To learn more about Ondot Systems, visit


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